Few days back, we shared a video of a Youtuber – Tito4re on his experiment of pouring molten copper on Big Mac, and he decided to do a similar experiment by pouring molten copper into a coconut. You will be surprised to find out that this healthy snack is much tougher than you actually thought it is!

He took a coconut and emptied out all the water from within, then he gradually poured a glass full of molten copper into it. The fumes started coming out and it seemed like it would burn down the whole fruit, but to my surprise the coconut survived this test.

Click to watch the video:

To find out what actually happened inside, he poured water until it cooled down and broke it open. Its shocking to see that even the white fleshy part of the coconut was left as it is, expect for the first layer was burnt and turned entirely black! Seeing a coconut survive this kinda experiment, it appears as though coconut trees could withstand a volcanic eruption! What do you think?

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