When you had a busy morning, or didn’t got enough sleep at night, or had a heavy lunch, the best thing you can think of doing is taking a nap. But the problem is you are stuck at work and have no other choice but to stay at the office and finish up your assigned job. What if we tell you, there is a better way around this, well that’s only possible if you happen to be in Dubai. There is a nap bar in Dubai, yes a bar where you can nap! Isn’t it just awesome!

nap-bar-sleeping-smarin-dubai Nap Poncho

The idea is the brainchild of Smarin, a France-based furniture studio. They’re well known for their nap spaces and this time they’ve come up with a totally dream idea. “I had the idea for the Nap Bar because when I’m walking in big cities, sometimes I take a break with a coffee but actually I need more of a real break,” says founder Stephanie Marin.



The Nap Bar is in Al Quoz, which is open from March 9 till the end of March offering each patron a special nap pillow, an original lullaby, a special herbal tea, some essential oils and best of all – a special nap poncho. The Nap Bar is open every day except Fridays (a day during which you can nap on your own), and is open from 10am to 7pm, plus, entry is free.


Your visit there will include ‘Dunes’, contoured foam bed-like chairs, Kairos lights which flit on and off in line with an encouraged breathing pattern, and several types of mobile designed to lull you to sleep.



The Nap Bar Dubai kairos

Would you visit this bar if you are in Dubai?


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