Biologically every hair and every organ or part of our bodies have some scientific purpose. The nose hair protects us from breathing bacteria. The nose hair defends against harmful pathogens like germs, fungus, and spores. These days teenagers and elders too are following the nose waxing trends which is kind of detrimental to our bodies, but its ok to just enjoy a few trends sometimes. If you like your nose hair, here is a new trend started by Gret Chen Chen on Instagram. Information source.

@gret_chen_chen who began this fake nose hair extension trend. You will be weaseled looking at this hair extension.

Nose Hair Extension 1

This hair extension looks super weird. She used fake eyelashes and stuck them with glue on her nose. If you liked this, you have an instant hair extension without anyone’s help. But I am not sure if the adhesive is safe for your nose. Give it a try for your Halloween or fancy dress party, where you want to dress up ugly, different or weird. Some might embrace this and find it beautiful. Well in this world of changing trends and brilliant ideas we are free to do anything on our bodies and set patterns.

Nose Hair Extension 2

This hair extension can also be like the catfish look for your nose. 2017 is following this beauty trend. People are finding it amusing and using it as a beauty extension. But beauty blogger Zoe Weiner plainly does not recommend this pattern and says that the spider nose had got itchy after a while and we as humans can do better millennial trends.

Nose Hair Extension 3

To me in this picture beauty blogger, Zoe Weiner’s nose extension is looking like Charlie Chaplin’s mustache.

We from the generation Z can do better and start better millennial trends for our generation. Try this weird and horrifying beauty trend.Do we want to stop following any Z generation patterns? We don’t, as we do not want to stay behind from others.

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