Parking Frenzy 2.0 has become the #1 app since the time it was released. In the UK, USA, Saudi Arabia and some other countries, the app currently ranks at 26 on the list of the all time best free apps available for the iPhone. It was originally released by Games2win for the iPhone, iPad and all Android devices. Since its release, there have been more than two million downloads of the app, making it hugely popular. However, the second game is much more challenging and poses more difficulty to people in parking the car. Hence, it is only natural that people look for cheats in order to make their game much easier.

If you come in to contact with another vehicle or hit the side of the road even slightly, the mission will be cancelled and you will have to start all over again. There are difficult turns and you must drive carefully if you wish to finish a level. The realistic driving physics mean that the game is now an extremely difficult challenge for many people as compared to the first one. Unfortunately, there aren’t any cheats that you can use in game, which means that you must accomplish the game on your own. Videos walkthroughs are available on websites such as YouTube, but they will spoil the fun of the game.

If you wish to accomplish and finish the game on your own, here are a few tips that you can use in order to make it easier for yourself to finish the game with a perfect score:

–          Before you begin driving, always take a while to plot out your course. It won’t take a very long time, and you won’t be hitting dead ends too.

–          If you are playing the timed challenge, take your time while plotting out your course and driving towards it. Rather than worry about time, just don’t think about it.

–          If you want to get the ‘Perfect’ rating in each game, always make sure that you do not have to drive around extensively in reverse. For that reason, think about your driving carefully. Rather than accelerating towards the destination, drive slowly because you might just overshoot it.

–          The faster you drive, the quicker you will lose control. Hence, always make sure that you drive in slow spurts. Continuously pressing on the accelerator will steer your car out of control.

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