In the world of Internet, Social Media and selfies carrying a cell phone is a necessity these days. You would hardly see anyone without a cell phone. And with using the cellphone all day comes the issue of running out of battery. There wont by any issues if you have your charger handy or are in a place with electrical outlets available. But what if you are in the middle of no where and still need to charge your phone. This (brave) guy took the courage to perform an experiment to charge his cellphone with the rail tracks. Yes you heard it right!



The video description  reads, “I don’t recommend to repeat this not to cause false railway traffic jam by mistake. All the actions in this video were performed under the supervision of an experienced railway worker. There was nothing damaged during the shooting.
The description of an unusual method of charging a phone in extreme conditions for a tourist. Measuring voltage test showed that there is a small strain of about 5 Volt. It’s a varying voltage transferring the code. There are quite high currents as voltage slumps during connection of the phone were not noticed. However, I don’t recommend you to do like that not to cause disruption in work of railway by accident.”

I would recommend not trying this, but if you are as brave as this guy and are not worried about getting run over and end up in hospital or wanna get in trouble for trying this go ahead and do it. Just a little heads up warning! 

Via Reddit

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