With over 20,000 disposable plastic bottles purchased globally every second, the rapid filling of landfills and the choking of marine life are a harsh reality. In light of this, the increasing popularity of eco-friendly water bottles is shining a ray of hope to curb such hazardous environmental issues.

Practical, attractive, and reusable water bottles that can fend off your thirst are raging in the market. When you look for an eco friendly water bottle, you will find options from affordable reusable plastic containers to sophisticated double-walled stainless-steel variations. You may consult experts who offer insights about the best eco-friendly water bottles for sustainable sipping.

This article shines a light on why you should consider switching to sustainable water bottles.

An Environmentally-friendly Option

The current utilization of oil in the US to create 50 billion disposable plastic bottles stands at a staggering 17 million barrels. It makes the situation grimmer, as merely one out of the five gets recycled completely. So, each user drinking out of a plastic bottle leads to increased environmental degradation.

However, a sustainable water bottle made of biodegradable materials is a well-recognized alternative.

Top specialists suggest investing in eco-friendly water bottles made from environmentally-friendly materials such as A-grade borosilicate glass and food-grade stainless steel. These are highly durable bottles and relatively safe to use.

They Keep Your Drink Safe

Besides the environmental impacts, single-use plastic bottles can have health implications. They leach harmful chemical toxins, including BPA, linked to asthma and, in worst conditions, even cancer.

Experienced consultants vouch for sustainable water bottles made from borosilicate glass, covered with a food-grade silicone grippy sleeve. Such models ensure your drink is free from toxins, such as BPA, BPS, lead, cadmium, and PVC. And once you invest in such bottles, you can use them for decades and recycle them to use them again, without fearing the harmful chemicals.

They Can Maintain Your Drink Temperature Throughout the Day

Eco-friendly water bottles come with a double-wall vacuum insulated structure, surrounded by a solid stainless-steel layer. It makes them a profitable investment as it gives the bottle an added benefit of reducing thermal conditions.

So, if you pop some ice into your eco-friendly water bottle at the start of the day, you will have a cold drink to enjoy in the afternoon. On the other hand, a hot bottle of beverage will remain warm for a longer duration.

Leading experts recommend sustainable stainless steel and glass water bottles, which are BPA-free, double insulated, and keep your drink hot or cold over several hours.

Eco-friendly Water Bottles Are Easy on Your Wallet

Another compelling reason why you must consider investing in a sustainable water bottle is that using it can be a massive money-saver in the long run.

Rather than spending $200 annually on bottled water, which an average American typically spends, you may save substantially by filling tap water in your reusable bottle. The reason is that in most US cities, the cost of tap water is 2,000 times cheaper than bottled water.

There are numerous sellers that offer affordable eco-friendly bottles on their website. You can easily purchase them with the money you save by not buying bottled water for about a month.


When planning to invest in the best eco-friendly water bottles, do thorough research on what type of bottle would be best for you. While you keep yourself hydrated with a toxin-free drink, you can save the planet in an eco-friendly way.

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