Thirsty Concrete That absorbs Water

Image Via Tarmac

Tarmac, a building material and construction solutions business, based in UK designed a new kind of concrete material called Topmix Permeable concrete, which can absorb 880 gallons (4000 liter) water in just a minute. The water is just absorbed, without even leaving a trace behind.  Isn’t it just cool?

This video shows the test done in a car parking where the thirst concrete absorbs around 1000 gallons of water in around a minute. Thanks to this thirsty concrete there wont be any water puddles making roads safer to drive and could also solve flooding problems during the storms. Topmix Permeable concrete works by having a permeable layer of concrete on top that allows water to drain through a matrix of relatively large pebbles into a loose base of rubble beneath. This water that is drained underneath can also be stored in a reservoir, which can help during water shortage times.

This ready mix concrete can be used on pavements or side walks, driveways, sports pitches, cycle paths, sub-base and parking lots. It apart from beneficial for environmental management and storm management is aesthetically appealing, easy to install or apply and is cost effective.

The concrete is designed in a way that it wont freeze in cold weathers because it not only encompasses just a structural design but also a hydraulic one, and it doesn’t retain water on the top permeable layer eliminating the issue of roads freezing.

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