What is LnkSocial?

A free platform from which lets you promote your content organically. You submit a piece a valuable content, which is shared by real users with established social media presence and in turn you can share other user’s content too. This way you will also discover fresh new content for your streams which your reads will thank you for.

Why should you share posts from LnkSocial?

-Content is categorized and so you can filter the categories according to your niche and when you share from our dashboard you earn credits for it (based on your social following) and can use those credits as the budget for your own posts.

– It brings new content for your streams

– When others share your content, it increases your social authority organically.

How do you share posts from dashboard?

Video Transcript:

Hi this is Urvi from Link Social and today, I will show you how to share a post to your Social media account from Link Social.

Before you can share any posts from here, you will need to go to the “Social Accounts” tab and connect your social media accounts. I have a separate post on how to do that and will link in the description below. Once you have your social media accounts connected, come back to the dashboard and choose the post you think your audience will love to read.

Check what social media accounts can that post be shared, and click the one you want it to be posted on. I will just go with the first post, and, I decided to post it on to FaceBook account. When sharing on Facebook, there are two places you can share : your timeline, or on a page you manage. I chose the timeline. If you want to share it on a page you manage, select the page from the second drop-down.

Once you share it, you will see the success message, with the number of credits earned for that share on your screen. You can go to your Facebook timeline and check it there and you are done!

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Step-by-step tutorial on how to share posts on your social media accounts from LnkSocial:

– Login into your account.
– The first page you see is the dashboard.
– Find the post that is related to your niche and you thing your audience will love.
– Check out which social media accounts can that post be shared. (depends on what the post submitter has chosen)
– Click on the social media icon where you want to share the post and a new window will be displayed.
– From the new window, selected the social media account where you want to share. If you dont have any social media account connected please check this video on how to connect social accounts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKr7RGWtYB0
– When sharing on Facebook Page, you will need to first select your account and then select the page. If you are sharing on your Timeline no need to select the page.
– Once you have selected the account where you want to share the post, check the description (in case if you want to edit it, do it now)
– Click the “Send Now” button if you want to post it right away or you can send it to your buffer queue or schedule it according to your time preference.

Once its done, you will see a success message and the credits you have earned from it. You can also check the post on your social media account!

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