Until the age 11, these twin sisters Mary and Ruth looked completely identical and why not!! They were twins after all. But as the age descends upon them, things started to get little out of control as Mary started putting on some weight. Slowly, it got worse as the weight increased manifolds. By the time they were adult, Ruth weighed 120 pounds whereas Mary weighed 420 pounds.

This created a serious inferiority complex in her which was more encouraged by the fact that their own mother used to call her sister the “pretty one”.

Mary said on Oprah’s” Where Are They Now?,” “She was the perfect twin, and I wasn’t”.

She became overly self conscious, lost her self confidence and suffered internally which was also affecting her social life. Her eating habits affected Ruth deeply as she suffered of anorexia and bulimia for years and according to her it is better to die than to look like her sister.

These sisters appeared on Oprah’s show 6 years ago; during six years what happened to these sisters is a complete heartbreaking but an inspirational journey. What this video to find about it yourself.

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