22 year old Gabriella Guardado wants to make her stepdad happy by gifting the best gift that he never thought of. She is very thankful for her stepdad, David Lynde as he used to take care of her since she was 10.

When Gabriella was small her mother, Lori Ann split from her dad. Then she married Lynde and since then Lynde help to raise them. Gabriella was very attached with her stepdad she wanted him to adopt her but her original father didn’t sign off.

So after turning 18 she noticed that now she can legally become his daughter. So she surprised her dad by gifting him best ever gift.

Seeing the video you will have tears in your eyes.

Very few people are there who live for their step children and Lynde is one such among them.

It was the candid moment to capture!!!

[h/t DailyMail]

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