Pharmaceutical manufacturer Johnson & Johnson introduced something very innovative to treat cold symptoms and sinus issues. This Friday the company introduced a new Sudafed 18-volt cordless Sinus Drill capable of providing immediate congestion relief.

“The Sinus Drill alleviates pain and discomfort by boring a small hole into the forehead or bridge of one’s nose to release pressure,” said Sudafed product manager Kelly Arrington, adding that the Sinus Drill, which comes with a set of four 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch carbide tip bits to accommodate a variety of bone densities, also clears inflamed nasal passageways by loosening mucus.

“For adults, we suggest drilling two holes every four to six hours. For children, just one hole is recommended, although for best results you can try coating the bit in honey to help lubricate its entry into the skull.” For symptoms that continue to persist after one week, Arrington recommended Sudafed’s Extra-Strength Sinus Jackhammer.

Will you try this new nasal drill for your sinus and congestion problems?

via the Onion

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