When we were just kids, at some point or other we all believe in “Tooth Fairies”, using our pulled out tooth for monetary exchanges. We all were super excited for our fallen out teeth ignoring the pain aside for a while. Adopting various methods to pull out a tooth, tying a string to a loose tooth and pulling it hard was one of the methods.

But this father-daughter duo took the innovative ideas of pulling the tooth out to the next level.

Who knew, dental floss, granola chunks and a SQUIRREL is what you need to lose a tooth!

This is what the father says: “Not many people get to say they are the first people in the history of human kind to do something. Today, my kid and I get to say it. For the first time, in the history of human kind, we pulled a tooth using a live squirrel! We attached some dental floss to the loose tooth on one end, tied the dental floss to a piece of granola bar on the other, and the rest… is internet history.”

As the father burst out in laughter at the end and the twisted reaction of his daughter, we all wish tooth fairy to pay this little girl extra buck for creativity.

Father Daughter Pulling A Tooth


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