Holding a world record is really incredible; to be the only person in the world to do something must be a nice feeling. But not everything that people do to have their name registered is incredible, some are creepy.

If you think “creepy” is not the right word to define someone’s unique ability. So, you are most welcome to have a look at this video and come up with a different word.

This is what his video caption reads:

The longest record before I made this video was 53 seconds. I smash that out of the water with my video managing 140 seconds!

This man can pop his eyes out and can keep as such for long time. After watching this video, now, my favorite kind of records are holding breathe or skipping thousand times. Can I see some of those videos? I really need to forget what I saw right now.

Do you have some thing (weird or bizarre or creepy) in your mind that you wanna set a new world record of? Leave it in comments below.

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