We all have habits of disposing of small garbage pieces into the sink. Then there is a bad sink clog that gets your head fired up. Flick that switch and the clog remains, you need some magic for all that clog to go. Checkout the list of things you need to avoid putting off in the drain to stop the clogging unless you have a lot of extra money to spend on unwanted plumbing works.


1. Pasta and rice

Pasta and rice

As pasta and rice both have elastic properties, they have a penchant for absorbing the liquid. Be careful when you are straining that rice or pasta. Some of pasta/rice have the tendency to fall into the sink, this will make gum up the inner working of your disposal.


2. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds

We all love that grounded hot coffee. But have you seen inside the filter, you will notice a thick mass of bad coffee cake. This mass is capable of your disposal non-functional. Avoid throwing this down in your drain and put it in your garden.


3. Pits


Avoid putting seeds of fruits like Avacado’s, Peaches and cherries in the disposal. These stones are strong enough the dent or chip the blades of your disposal.


4. Stringy vegetables

Stringy vegetables

Avoid putting fibrous medicines like celery, pumpkins, and cucumber in the sink. The fibers can get tangled to the blade. Which leads to an expensive service.


5. Shells


You may love eating oysters, lobsters or turtles but putting them is disposal will be the worst idea. These creatures have shells as it helps them survive in water. Put the shells in compost or trash.


6. Boiling hot water

Boiling hot water

Boiling water can misshape PVC pipes over time and also weaken the glue at the joints. Since a lot of garbage sits inside the pipe, putting boiling hot water is surely not a good idea.


7. Paint


A latex or oil-based paint should not be going down that sink. All the color will cling to the sides and hardens, slowly choking off your drain.


8. Grease and oil

Grease and oil

Grease occupied pots when running underwater are too viscous for water to pass. If you think cutting grease with the disposal blades is a good idea, then let this idea pass.


9. Excessive bones

Excessive bones

The occasional chicken wings and flying the wings in the disposal. The rack of ribs in the disposal will leave your sink pricky with the bones. The sink will leave the bone for you to pick up.


10. Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

It’s a well-known fact that it takes tears and years to remove chewing gum. Sticking gum in your sink might take years to unclog your pipes.


11. Leafy salads

Leafy salads

Take a Vow that you won’t put leafy lettuce in the sink filling the garbage disposal. This green salad will turn your disposal into a mess.


12. Potato Peels

Potato Peels

The mashed, stewed or fried potatoes indulgence is great for your taste buds but not the peel for your disposal.


13. Actual Garbage

Actual Garbage

The name can be misleading, but putting candy wrappers, paper towels and wipes.


14. Corn Husk

Corn Husk

Corn husk can create a hassle for your sink. The robust husk can and the threads of corn silk can be threatening for disposal.

Hope you had an insight about things that should not be thrown in the disposal.


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