One of the most irritating things is living with roommates who keep the room a mess. Sometimes it becomes difficult to live with such type of roommates because they would barge into your privacy make your life hard!

Redditor NotElizaHenry had the same experience so she decided to get rid of her messy roommate to have the kitchen of her dreams! Two weekends and $100 later, she’d transformed her boring kitchen into a beautiful space.

She always prefer to live clean, she wants a kitchen of her dream. So she started upgrading it. This is what she started out with

She first cleaned the kitchen and painted inside of her cabinet door.

The kitchen was already looking brighter after all the sanding and priming…

Instead of spending money on expensive flooring she chooses to use piece of plywood for floor.

She cut the plywood and started placing them in a pattern

She saw this amazing sight, after pulling the vinyl baseboards off. Eww!

She kept laying the cut plywood on floor keeping it pressed with rolling pin.

Since the planks had adhesive attached at the bottom they were stuck pretty well with the floor.

The floor looks amazing after she glued new baseboards.

She found a perfect solution to fill in the gaps of the floor.

She just spent a few dollars on some brown caulk to fill the gaps easily.

And now you can see the result of her hardwork..!! A beautiful looking kitchen!

All her hardwork has paid off, just in two weekends and $100! I wish I was this creative!

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