FPV racing is an adrenaline pumping experience that no other form of racing can match. And if you are planning to get a drone soon so that you can start participating in FPV races, then you need to train yourself to achieve the skills necessary to excel at flying drones. Below, we list out five tips that can help first-time FPV racers become better at racing their drones quickly.

Get Good Practice

Make sure you practice FPV flying very well in a simulator before you start using the real thing. Spending numerous hours on the simulator will familiarize yourself with the controls of the remote, thereby developing an innate knowledge of the function of each and every control. And since it is only a simulation, you will be more open to experimenting the different ways of maneuvering the drone. This will help develop your flying skills and you will soon be an expert at combing complex moves into one smooth movement.  And once you are confident of handling a drone in a simulator, you can start tinkering with a real drone.

Watch FPV Videos

Be sure to watch as many FPV racing videos as you can. See how the drone is moving in the videos. This will give you a good understanding of how you must maneuver the drone so as to move in a specific way.


You will also need to decide what type of drone you will be using for the racing. Basically, there are two types of FPV drones. The first one is the RTF (Ready To Fly) drone that refers to drones which are available for purchase from the market. The second one is the DIY (Do It Yourself) type which are drones that are customized by the racers. Usually, most of the professional FPV racers know everything about their drone. In fact, if you check out drone racing competitions, you can see that these professionals constantly change the parts of their drone in-between the race. As a novice, it will be tough for you to go full DIY on the drone. Instead, it is advisable that you start off with RTF drones. Then gain enough experience and knowledge so that you can start fielding DIY drones in races.

Pass Obstacles

A very important skill that every FPV racer must develop is passing through all obstacles effortlessly. Just because you are flying the drone in the sky does not mean that gadget won’t come face to face with obstacles. In fact, you will be faced with numerous obstacles during your flight right from birds, trees, buildings, and so on. As such, it is necessary that you develop your flying skills to the extent that you can maneuver the drone through any obstacle with ease.

Customize Settings

Almost all professional racers never use the default settings of their remote. Instead, they adapt the settings to suit their flying style. So, reflect on your style of flying, its strength and weaknesses, and then adapt the settings of the remote in a way that you can use it more efficiently.

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