When you get a pair of outdoor basketball shoes, you might be unable to tell how long it will last. Nonetheless, when you buy outdoor basketball shoes of the right quality, you will be using them for a fairly long time.

Contained in this article are tips to help you pick the right outdoor basketball shoes the first time.


There are various basketball shoes for different environments. When picking a pair of basketball shoes that you intend to use outdoors, you need to go for one that is made from rubber outsoles. You can choose between translucent or solid outsoles. Regardless of the type of outsole you decide to go for, always have a clear idea of what the thickness and density of the rubber is.

With dense rubber, you will not need to worry about abrasion that is associated with outdoor surfaces. Soft rubbers might seem very nice. They, however, will not last the test of time. You, therefore, might want to leave them for people that play basketball indoors.


When picking outdoor basketball shoes, the place of price cannot be overemphasized. While thinking of your preferences, you will have to give the price a great deal of consideration. This is because to a large extent, your choice will be affected by how much you are willing to spend on a pair of outdoor basketball shoes.

Certain people prefer buying the latest outdoor basketball shoes when shopping. Although doing this will help you get very recent shoes, you might pay an outrageous price for it. If you are not interested in spending so much, you can simply get a pair of outdoor basketball shoes that were made a year before. When you do this, you will be able to enjoy top quality outdoor basketball shoes without having to spend so much money.

Although products from a year before might not seem like they will have the latest features, the truth remains they will have some of the features that the products of the current year possess.

Consider Materials

There are various materials used in building basketball shoes. Some of these materials last a long time, others, do not last very long.

When buying outdoor basketball shoes, you can decide to buy shoes made of either modern synthetic materials or shoes made from raw materials. While outdoor basketball shoes that are made from raw materials give the feet a better feel, they do not last as long as outdoor basketball shoes made from modern synthetics. Are you interested in having shoes that will last a long time? If yes, you will need to buy outdoor basketball shoes made from TPU.

On the other hand, if you are interested in putting on outdoor basketball shoes that are only made from raw materials, you will need to get a pair of shoes that come with various overlays. These overlays should be positioned at areas around the toe, heel, and other parts of the shoe that wear out rapidly.

Traction Pattern

When selecting outdoor basketball shoes, you should look out for one that has a traction pattern that is quite recessed into the outsole. With this traction pattern, your basketball shoes will undergo wear and tear evenly when you are on a rough surface. Additionally, you will be able to use it for much longer.

In addition to selecting basketball shoes with traction patterns that are slightly recessed into the outsole, you can also go for basketball shoes that feature flat patterns. Shoes with flat patterns can be used to play on whatever surface you desire. They also have the ability to keep debris and dust away from the outsole. This is important as the safety of your feet is guaranteed if debris is unable to get stuck to your shoe.


Cushion does not seem like an important feature to consider when buying outdoor basketball shoes. It, however, is a strong determinant of how comfortable you will be while playing a game of basketball outdoors.

If you always play basketball indoors, it might not seem like you need shoes with the right cushion. The story, however, is very different when you playon hard outdoor surfaces. Due to the hardness of lots of outdoor surfaces, you will enjoy your game a lot better when you play withoutdoor basketball shoes that come with some cushioning.

Outdoor basketball shoes are cushioned in different ways. Regardless of how you want your basketball shoe cushioned, you should go for one that offers you the right level of comfort.

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