Wavy or even curly beard growth has caused many headaches to beard owners, who long for a smooth and perfectly groomed beard. As a rule, the longer the beard is held, the less tidy it is. But there’s no reason to despair and hide or shave off your unrestrained beard splendor because there are steps that can be undertaken to tame and control your curly or wavy beards.

Oil, lotion or wax?

What to use? We suggest that you choose the right product for the type of beard you wear and the effect you expect. All beard products make your hair softer. This is because they retain moisture inside the hair structure. The oils have a light texture, have smoothing and shiny properties, but are not suitable for styling. Balsams, on the other hand, are usually thicker and creamy in texture and are based on various types of waxes. These types of cosmetics have not only conditioning properties, but also quite well styled. The beard becomes restrained and disciplined. Beard and moustache waxes, on the other hand, are strong fixatives, have a strong grip and usually dry quickly. The range of products is really wide.


Everything depends on moisture

A starting point for a successful smoothing process is the treatment with beard oil, a true basic component of beard care. You can use for it product from Beard and Shave. Bearded hair, especially the curly version, tends to dryness and porosity. However, if you add moisture to it, the facial hair will become smoother and much easier to shape. It also acts as a highly effective heat protector for your facial hair, minimizing the chance of burning or drying your beard hair while using a hairdryer and straightening iron. Simply work into towel-dried hair after cleansing, let dry, voilà!


Hairdryer method: for wavy beards

In the case of slight waves, it is advisable to try the hairdryer method. It should be able to help you bring your full beard into the desired smooth shape. The beard should be slightly damp, treated with beard oil and well combed. Put a round brush on the tips of your beard and pull it downwards through the hairdryer with a warm stream of air. Work your way completely through your beard this way. Time-consuming? Maybe, but the result is something to see. See you later, stubborn buffoon!


Straightening Iron Method: For stronger curly beard hair

If your long beard has strong curls, this variant is suitable for smoothing. Please make sure to use a ceramic-coated smoothing iron with temperature adjustment. In addition, the hair must not be damp, as this can cause massive damage. First, comb your irrepressible face curls in the direction of growth. Then carefully apply the straightener to the hairline and pull it down to the tips. Work your way from batch to batch. Finally, a pleasant oiling with beard oil and your long, smooth beard is perfect.

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