It varies from one person to another. If you like graphics, then GTA V is best, but if you want creative and thrilling missions, San Andreas would be the best game.

The popular answer is San Andreas because it was well ahead of its time and all-around fun. We think it’s a severe toss-up between that and GTA V. GTA V took a lot from San Andreas (the car customization and building acquisitions, for one thing) and enhanced it (making your cars bulletproof is outstanding, especially in cop chases). GTA V’s story is so multi-layered between three people, and adding in the heists puts GTA V over the top for me.

1. GTA 5

Debongo - GTA 5

GTA 5 is the winner. With realistic graphics and good storytelling, the new Redux mode is excellent. The trio of protagonists, Franklin, Trevor, and Michael, are trapped in the underground world of Los Santos (the real LA-based city) and the game’s most expansive open world for gamers. You can now play some fun tasks.

While the game is controversial because of its violent nature and its sexually discriminatory attitude towards women, it is undoubtedly explosive to walk around Los Santos and commit a game robbery.

Although the GTA series is a cultural phenomenon, GTA 5 is undoubtedly one of the best-selling, most loved, and most played video games.

2. GTA 4

Debongo - GTA 4

The exciting story is the best part of GTA 4. Following on from European immigrants in the United States, the game teaches many life lessons in the process. As gamers, we have to make some decisions in the game to change the game’s course. This makes the game even more enjoyable. At the end of the game, we are left with the feeling that money is not everything.

There are a lot of characters who would leave their mark. My second favorite, followed by protagonist Niko, is Little Jacob. She is a real person who values friendship more than money or her own life. Car damage, bomb explosions, and people’s health are genuine.

GTA 4 arguably has the best Expansion-pack ever. This add-on was as good as the main game since some missions were more than difficult.

3. GTA San Andreas

Debongo - GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is about a companion and revenge that goes far beyond the simplified world and perceptions. CJ intended to take his family home, so there was a snitch (smoke) that came home for his progress before defeating his rival gang and coming to his city. I haven’t noticed. I’m trying to do it.

He discovered Smoke and Tenpenny, who joined an unholy alliance that distributed drugs on the street as soon as he learned that Tenpenny had immediately extradited him to the country. In the country, he managed to destroy the drug supply and then drove to San Fierro, where he works for TRIADS most of the time. He had fortunes in San Fierro and Las Venturas and lived a comfortable life.

Unless he meets Torino, a CIA agent, Torino knows the Chief Justice’s people and environment. He helps Torino run suspicious cases to get his brother Sweet paroled. Once Sweet gets his release, the chief justice smokes his old friend, the drug lord, and then the corrupt Tampini. Justice served.

4. GTA Vice City

Debongo- GTA Vice City

But we can not just forget GTA Vice City. It had everything. The Scarface atmosphere. The setting. The crazy jokes. A super story and great side-missions. Complete mental enemies (Diaz shooting in his VCR cause it didn’t work. But he forgot to plug it in) and even more mental allies. A badass main character. No one beats Tommy Vercetti in coolness. And most of all, it was overwhelming new and just fun.

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