We want everything at our fingertips, be it information or some new gadget or information on some new device. And we often find this on the internet in the form of web pages on the internet. Many of these web pages are in blog format: be it a gossip blog or a tech blog. These blogs might seem like no big deal but have a lot of potential. Many people are into this business but have seen no growth, and then there are some who blog, which have annual revenue in hundreds of millions. So what is it that these million-dollar-revenue bloggers do and you do not? In this blogging tips post find the answers to all your questions like how do i start a blog, how to make a blog, etc.

## The basic Recipe

To nail the final thing, you need to get your basics right. So here are some steps that you need to do to write your blog right.

1) Create a blog post outline

This is the first thing that you need to do. Creating an outline for your blog post will keep it organized and give direction on how all your information will be presented. It should flow in a way that makes sense.

2) Write your first draft

After creating your blog post outline next step would be to write up the content of the posts, but before writing anything, it’s essential to do some research to make sure you are writing things people care about.

3) Edit and proofread for mistakes

After you are done writing your draft copy, you should go back and edit everything for mistakes. You also need to check how it flows together and how it sounds when reading.

4) Publish your blog post

After you are sure that your post is ready to be presented, upload it on the site and make sure the design and formatting of your post are perfect, clear and attractive. Much would also depend on how your entire blog site is designed.

5) Promoting your content

After publishing the post on your site, where should you get started with promoting? These days there are so many social media platforms available that offer a unique audience and platform to share your posts! Here are just some of them: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Google+. Select a platform that best suits your needs to market your blog.

Ingredients to spice things up

1) Write about what you know, don’t try to be an expert in everything

It is pertinent that you find your niche, learn all you possibly could and then stick to this niche. If you do not know about something, then have it on your reading list. Make sure you provide value to your audience.

2) Include pictures or videos when possible

We live in an era of videos and images, so do not neglect them. They are extremely important to your blog posts as they offer a more enjoyable experience for the reader.
You can make very simple how-to’s using pictures or buy some cheap (or even free) stock photos online to brighten up your content with visuals that go with your topic or sub-topic.

3) Share personal stories that will resonate with others

We all love to hear how other people achieved success in their lives or how they failed and then rose again after the fall. When shared with your readers, these stories can connect them with you at a much deeper level than just reading plain text on a screen.

If you write about business, it is good practice to include some personal anecdotes that will help others understand how what we do today affects our future. People like seeing themselves in stories; make sure yours contain elements of who YOU are as well (not only how successful you’ve become). This also helps build trust between yourself and your readers since most people appreciate authenticity above anything else nowadays.

4) Know your audience and write in a style that they will enjoy

If you don’t know how to target the audience that will most appreciate your blog, then it is a good idea to find out more about how they think and what their interests are. If you’re running a business blog, for example, this means checking who your competitors are using Google Analytics or some other form of analytic software. You can use these tools to see where people go on your page from which links (or ads) – if they spend lots of time reading specific posts but not others, chances are there’s something off with those ones.

5) Be consistent with your posting schedule, and always post on time

Since you’re aiming to attract a specific audience, it is vital that they know when your blog will update. If you don’t post often enough, then how do readers expect to find the fresh content which keeps them coming back?
Also, it is essential to understand how important it is to create a posting schedule and stick to it. This will create engagement and let your readers when to come back for more.

6) Create a catchy headline to grab the reader’s attention

The headline of your blog post is how you will be able to catch the reader’s attention. It should be catchy and intriguing enough to make them want to click on your article from their feed or ensure they don’t miss reading it when it comes out in their email inbox. Keep the headline short, sweet and simple so readers can quickly identify what the article is about.

So here it is, the recipe and the ingredients to create an engaging and successful blog. But there is another thing, you won’t achieve a something unless you start doing it. So go and get going and chase your blog goals!!

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