Hedges make your property look attractive and also contribute to environmental conservation. The East Hampshire District Council planted around 120000 trees in the past year and over 38% of houses in Hampshire have hedge work.

Hiring experts to maintain and reshape the hedges is best if you have hedge work around your residential or commercial property in Hampshire. Though seemingly effortless, hedges and shrubs are challenging to work with alone. Moreover, hedges could soon become home to rodents and other pests that can infest your property if not maintained well.

On the other hand, Hampshire tree surgeons are experts in shaping, pruning and planting your hedges. They can also regularly assess your hedge work’s health and give detailed reports on the same.

Here are some reasons why consulting a professional tree surgeon in Hampshire is essential for working on your hedges.

Attuned with British Standards

Many government regulations surround the height, shape, and setting of hedge work in Hampshire. Professionals specializing in hedge work will ensure that you meet all legal standards associated with hedges. For instance, if the hedge is too high or if the work protrudes into their property, your neighbours or other concerned people can issue complaints against you. Neighbours can also raise objections that your hedge work invites rodents into their property.

So it is best to hire these professionals and stay away from legal hassles and other similar complications. The experts will first assess and evaluate your hedge work to ensure no standards are being ignored and the hedge is safe.

Access to the Best Tools and Techniques

Hampshire tree surgeons use the best tools and equipment to ensure your hedges meet the relevant standards and are safe. While you can prune hedges yourself, hiring experts will save you the cost of investing in hedge maintenance equipment. However, avoid public service companies and companies that give you preliminary information regarding the scope of their services, contact details, and other details. Also, check if the expert holds at least four NPTC units.

License and Insurance

Tree surgeons have professional and public liability insurance and bonds to carry out hedge work. The insurance will protect you against financial damages if any errors occur. Check if the hedge work company you choose has the relevant LANTRA and wood chipper certifications. Choosing a licensed company for your hedge maintenance needs is always best. Therefore, it is also vital to choose licensed, certified experts to carry out the job.

Knowledge and Experience

Tree surgeons have in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of shrubs, their growth patterns, health issues they are prone to, and the best ways to maintain them. So tree surgeons can keep your hedge work much better than you can. They are also well aware of the legal and technical standards. Additionally, these experts have extensive experience working with hedges and can handle the job without causing damages to the hedge work of your property.

Thus, homeowners will save considerable time and effort by entrusting their hedge work to professionals. These experts know the best techniques and strategies to do the job well. In advance, you can request a quote from the tree work services company to understand how much the service will cost.

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