The concept of voice recognition is not new. In fact, its earliest documented onset took place in the early 1950’s. It is not until recently however (the last few years) that the technology has advanced to a level of competence required for regular usage.

Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are both ascending in popularity, and their respective products have become part of homeowners’ everyday lives. Most have probably heard phrases like “Alexa, play my favorite song.” and things of that variety.

While it’s true that voice assistants can enhance our lifestyle from an entertainment perspective, their most intriguing benefit might be what they can do for efficiency and productivity.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that voice assistants can change our lives:

Home Automation

Things once taken for granted like turning the lights out may now be performed via voice command. The same is true of temperature regulation, appliance usage, and technology interactivity. Because these tools are still in their relative infancy, the range and scope of our powers will only expand progressively. Here are some of the home automation tasks that a voice assistant can perform:

Lighting: Turn lights off and on, and set up light groupings for macro-level control

Power: Turn TV’s and other appliances on and off

Security: Lock your doors through a simple voice command

Temperature: Set the thermostat to your desired temperature through voice command

On-Demand Information

For the past decade or so, when people wanted info fast they would “Google” it. This process became simpler as smartphones became more advanced, and everyone began walking around with wi-fi enabled devices.

With the emergence of virtual assistants, the process can be streamlined even further. Voice search will also change SEO and urge marketers to implement semantic search into their content marketing. Here are some examples of on-demand voice searches:

Alexa, find me a plumber

Google, find me a local pizzeria

Alexa, who won the Lakers game?

Google, what is the square root of 250?

Luxury Convenience

Imagine being able to access your entire music library through a voice command. This is something that is possible with modern virtual assistants. The same is true of television programming, movies, and just about any type of media you can imagine. The luxury expands even further however, through innovative color control lighting. If you’ve ever wanted the home of your dreams, especially one to host guests, voice recognition technology makes everything more appealing. Consider these luxuries of voice assistants:

Decor: Adjust the decor of your home with music, lighting, and more

Music: Play any song from your library in any room with speakers

Movies: Play movies from your digital library on demand

The Final Verdict

It’s evident that voice technology will change our daily routines if it hasn’t already. While not every homeowner is currently making full use of the devices, the percentage who are will only continue to grow in the coming months, years, and decades. During this growth, the technology will evolve even further, expanding on concepts mentioned in the post, as well as creating new ones that none of us have even thought of yet. The future could be exciting and thrilling for all of us.

Post by Plumbing Webmasters. Image by123RF

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