A restaurant located at the Villa Escudero Resort which is in San Pablo City about 3 hours south of Manila, Philippines provides its diners a cool and refreshing way to enjoy their meal when they are all soaked in water and they can enjoy the food with water flowing under their feet. Yes, you heard it right, there’s a waterfall restaurant where you dine right next to a water fall!

Enjoy a relish meal right next to the Labassin Falls



People enjoying the wet and wild experience in Philippines

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in San Pablo Philippines

Apart from enjoying the authentic local cuisine, sitting on bamboo tables which are placed right next to the man-made Labassin Falls and you can enjoy the almost untouched beautiful nature of the region formerly occupied by a farm and coconut plantations.

Would you dine here when you are in San Pablo?


The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is an exceptionally remarkable and a memorable experience. in itself!

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