With our transformation to paperless era, the digital storage media has developed manifold. Hence, you have expanded capacity of portable data storage solutions such as memory card and SD cards. It offers volatile storage along with encryption abilities for secure content. They are faster with bigger storage abilities. But, with so many benefits, they do have a disadvantage and that is being prone to damage, accidental formatting, corruption which causes loss of stored images, videos and audio data. Usually the problem starts with an error message but may lead to permanent data loss because of which the recovery gets difficult.

Some of the symptoms your memory card got damaged or corrupted are given below:

  1. A black message on the screen stating “SD card is not accessible”.
  2. Memory card does not appear on the system at all.
  3. Lot of images on your memory card go missing.
  4. When you read the SD card through a system, no folders appear or they show error message.
  5. You get messages like “memory card error” when accessing the photos or videos.
  6. The content of your SD card is visible on the camera and system but you cannot copy it and get message “write protected”
  7. The card is being recognised by your system, but no store photos or videos are visible.
  8. You cannot delete, add, save or copy any file on the memory card.

Are photos recoverable from SD Card?

Formatted, corrupt, inaccessible memory card recovery is simpler as it has limited capacity, similar nature of stored files and predefined file types stored like audio, video and images. So, if you have lost your important data from card, then you have a good chance of recovering all your files. There are SD card recovery software decked with additional abilities and algorithm to trace deleted, damaged and formatted files from the memory card. These tools also have the capability to check failures and damaged card content which are no longer seen under “My Computer”.

How to recover photos from damaged memory card via Recoverit?

If you have lost your important data or files from your damaged memory card, then do not worry. There is one simple solution of how to recover datas from memory card.  It is to use WondershareRecoverit. It is a comprehensive tool which is crafted to recover all files and photos from a damaged memory card with the best user experience. The software has been designed to help you make the best recovery of your data via a step by step procedure. Take a look at the steps given below:

1. Download, install and begin memory card recovery software

The software runs on Mac and Windows but you have to select the right version to recover your data. Access the official site and choose the platform to choose the version of recovery software on the memory card compatible with your system.

2. Choose the recovery mode for external systems

Choose the recovery option. Choose the external device recovery option to choose the location where your memory card is sited. Tap on it to commence file scanning.

3. Check out the detectable files and retrieve all

The last stage is to choose the files you wish to recover. If you want all the files to get retrieved, choose the respective option and select all the files. A green button flashes near the boxes suggesting the files are recoverable.

You can preview the files before choosing them for final recovery, whether it is audio or video file. Tap Recover as when you have chosen your desired files and you can recover those in seconds.

You can also recover your damaged micro SD card. Get the right SD card formatter for your device and format it in the right way. Make sure you select the software version compatible with your system prior to downloading. No matter whether your SD card is damaged, burnt, reformatted or corrupted, you can retrieve all your lost data and files by using WondershareRecoverit. It is your one-stop solution to retrieve all the lost files and pictures within seconds. You can use the trial version first to see its results. Go ahead and download it now and get your important data retrieved within minutes.

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