Whether you plan for $30,000 or $300,000 wedding, you will need to go on a budget. Weddings are all about the lavishness and you may end up spending more than your budget. You cannot let all the hard earned cash go in one ceremony.

Remember Chandler Bing also put Monica on a wedding budget because he was not ready to spend all his hard earned cash. This is a prudent thing to do. Turn your wedding budget into your comprehensive plan.

The most tedious or monotonous part of a wedding is the wedding budget. Sadly there no magic formula to save you from the budgeting. Whether on a small budget or ready to go all bowled out, the allocations will depend on the formality, time of the year, guest list size.



Here’s the overview of a wedding budget breakdown:

Plant out the wedding budget as per your requirement.  This wedding budget checklist will help you budget your wedding in different parts, dividing each part into percentages for each section. You can use the suggested checklist as your guideline to figure out the budget and the amount you are willing to spend.

You can adjust the percentage numbers as per your desires.

Ceremony (2 percent)

    Ceremony location fee

    Official fee or church donation

    Marriage license


Reception (50 percent)

    Reception site fee

    Food, beverage and service

    Bar

    Cake

    Rentals

    Coat Check


Attire (10 percent)

    Bride’s wedding dress

    Headpiece and veil

    Bride’s wedding shoes

    Lingerie

    Jewelry and other bridal accessories

    Hair and makeup

    Groom’s tuxedo or suit

    Groom’s shoes

    Groom’s accessories


Wedding Rings (2 percent)

    Bride’s wedding ring

    Groom’s wedding ring


Flowers and Decorations  (10 percent)

    Ceremony floral arrangements and decorations

    Bride’s bouquet

    Maid of honor’s and Bridesmaid’s bouquets

    Flower girl’s buds and basket

    Corsages

    Boutonnieres

    Ring pillow

    Guestbook

    Reception centerpieces and decorations

    Lighting


Ceremony and Reception Music (10 percent) 

    Ceremony musicians

    Cocktail-hour musicians

    Reception band, deejay, or entertainment

    Sound-system rental

    Dance-floor rental


Photography and Videography (10 percent)

    Photography for engagement

    Photography for the wedding day

    Wedding album

    Additional prints and albums

    Videography


Stationery ( 2 percent)

    Save-the-date cards

    Invitations, RSVPs and additional envelops

    Ceremony programs

    Reception escort cards, place cards and menu cards

    Thank you cards

    Postage

    Calligraphy

    Wedding announcements


Transportation (1 percent)

    Limousine or car rental for bride and groom

    Limousine or car rental for a bridal party

    Transportation for wedding guests if ceremony and reception are not in the same place.

    Valet parking


Favors and Gifts (3 percent)

    Wedding favors

    Bride’s parents and groom’s parent’s gifts

    Maid of honor’s gift

    Bridesmaids gifts

    Best man’s gift

    Groomsmen’s gifts

    Child attendants gifts

    Welcome gifts for out of town guests

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