The wedding band is something that you will wear for the rest of your life. It may seem like a simple accessory but there is so much more to it. It is not just a piece of metal fabricated around your ring, but it is a symbol of your commitment and love for someone. Therefore, before you make your final decision, go through the details and stay informed.

You will be inundated with a lot of information in the beginning and all options will sound equally great. Based on your budget and preferences, eliminate the elements and styles that you do not like. You can speak to your partner if she has any suggestions or wants a particular combination between your ring and hers. When you are buying a wedding ring, think of your own lifestyle.

Do you have to do a lot of physical work or do you spend your time more in front of a computer? Do not buy an expensive ring which does not suit your lifestyle and may get damaged. Always think long term – it should be a comfortable ring that you can wear throughout and it should not require too much of maintenance.

Besides these basic considerations listed above, here are some tips to keep in mind when you are looking for a wedding ring.


Determine your Ring Size

Finger rings have their standardized sizing system. However, it can still get confusing for people who are unfamiliar with them so you should not take any chances and make an uninformed call. Once you have decided which finger you will be wearing your ring on, measure the diameter at the base with a string. Ideally get the measurements in millimeters as it allows you to get an exact number. Compare your measurement to an official size chart that shows all the global sizes like this one.


Know the different types of Rings

Classic Court Bands – The classic court is the most recognizable ring design. It has a completely curved or rounded cross-section and most couples use this design to match up.

D-Shaped Bands – D-shaped bands have a rounded outer profile but the base is flat. Because of this, it fits tighter on the finger and it also looks slimmer than a classic court wedding band.

Flat Bands – Flat bands have a unique aesthetic about them. They are slimmer because both sides do not have the rounded finish. A comfortable fit is ensured but flat bands are more prone to snagging because of the friction-friendly flat, sharp edge. If you have to use your hands a lot at work, they may not be the most prudent choice.

Flat Court Bands – The flat court wedding band is a reverse of the D-shaped bands with a flat exterior. The round under profile makes the ring fit in snugly while the top profile gives it a lean look. The flat court wedding band combines streamlining features with a slim finish and is quite popular nowadays.


Do you want Diamonds with the Ring?

Wedding rings do not have to be restricted to simple designs. We all love a bit of classy flair once in a while and diamonds speak that language very well. If you haven’t considered diamonds on your ring, some of the exquisite pieces in this Frost NYC collection might just make you think again. Diamonds can be on the surface of the band while some trendy designs add the stones subtly on the edges of the ring. Combined with satin or sand-blasted finishes, the diamonds use the consistent glow of the metal as a canvas.

You can get diamond wedding rings for less than a thousand dollars even – simple and elegant designs with a count of 0.1 to 0.4 carats. Rings with grooves and etched patterns combine very well with diamonds so expect a bit of intricate detail when you browse through diamond-studded rings.


Determine the Width of your Band

How wide do you want the band to look on your finger? This is usually a step that requires you trying out some rings and seeing for yourself. You don’t have to go to the jeweler’s store. Put on some regular rings and see which one pleases your eye the most. Measure the ring width and compare it to the rings that you browse through. Keep that measurement or even the test ring with you on the day you plan to go to the jewelry shop to buy the wedding band.

Usually, men opt for a wider band above 4 mm but 3 mm and 2.5 mm rings can also suit you depending on the shape and size of your fingers.


What is Your Metal?

So what metal should you choose for your wedding ring? Yellow gold, of course, remains the most timeless and accepted choice. Its charm is classic, regardless of the trends. It is a soft metal – an 18K ring addresses this softness and hence is a good option.

Nowadays, many young couples are opting for rose gold because of its unique shine. Rose gold is an alloy of yellow gold with other copper and silver alloys and the lighter 18-carat tone is recommended. If the bride and groom are looking to match their rings, rose gold is a good option because it suits both men and women. Rose gold is also considered a more romantic choice while yellow gold is associated with loyalty. White gold combines yellow gold with a white metal to give off a shine that can be compared to platinum.

Platinum rings are a precious choice. The shine of platinum is incomparable to any other metal. A platinum wedding band will be very hardy since the metal is resistant to most types of corrosion. That is another pragmatic reason to buy platinum – it is something that you will be wearing every day. A palladium ring also shares the tough features of platinum and it comes at a more affordable price. The shine is also quite unique – it combines the glow of a white metal with a dark tone.

When you buy a ring look for the trademarks and quality mark etched on the inside of the ring. ‘24K’ and ‘PLAT’ are some of the indicators that guarantee a ring’s make and quality.


The Symbolism of the Wedding Ring

Are you aware of what the wedding ring, whether simple or opulent, represents? The shape of the wedding ring defines its core meaning. A circle has no ends. It is a design element that suggests infinity. The love that you have for your special one is the same – it is infinite and your marriage is solemnized for posterity. Some cultures believe that the vein on your left fourth finger leads directly to the heart, which is why it is the finger of choice for wedding rings. Whatever your final choice may be, never forget the deeper meaning.

The wedding is the first page of a glorious new chapter in life, one which you share with someone else. Your wedding day is a day of optimism and hope as you celebrate your love for your significant other. The rituals, the visual elements, the decorations, and the outfits, should all fall into place on this beautiful occasion. Whether it is a grand wedding or an intimate affair with closed ones, spend enough time planning the event. From choosing the right wedding ring to getting your suit fixed, the journey begins months in advance. Cherish these moments for they are part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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