Nancy Elwood, a horse owner in Elk City, Oklahoma, was pleasantly surprised when she walked into her barn in the morning. She saw a chicken, Chickaleta, resting on her horse. Rocky’s head! Her first reaction talking to her horse was “Rocky, what are you doing with that chicken?” As soon as she saw this unexpected and unexplainable bond between the horse and the chicken, she took her phone out and started recording a video, to show it to her friends, who she knew nobody would believe it without a proof! More than 50,000 people have viewed it already!

Isn’t it amazing to see how much bonded they are? You can see that Rocky is just so calm with the chicken, and lets her sit on her head or calmly walk down his back or wander near his face. If animals despite being totally different, share an amazing bond, why cant we as humans do that?

[h/t Littlethings]

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