Man plants a bed of flowers over the span of 2 years for his wife who is blind, for her to smell. The couple, Mr and Mrs Kuroki have been married for 30 years (got married in 1956), but the wife lost her eye sight at 52, due to complications with her diabetes, RocketNews24 reports.

To make his wife smile and to get her to be happy again, as she had isolated herself after the loss of eyesight, he decided to do something for her.

He decided to plant flowers in the front of his house so that his wife could smell them and come out to enjoy the garden.

Man planting Flowers

Via : Yoshiyuki Matsumoto/Facebook

The entire garden was turned into a beautiful carpet of pink flowers.

Man planting Flowers for his wife

Via : Yoshiyuki Matsumoto/Facebook

Slowly she began to come out of the house and enjoy the garden.

Mrs Kuroki in Japan

Via : Yoshiyuki Matsumoto/Facebook

Now the beautiful pink garden, known as Moss phlox (ground pink) attracts a constant stream of visitors from surrounding towns, around 7,000 a day in the spring time.

Man planting Flowers for his wife Beautiful Pink Garden in Japan

Via : Yoshiyuki Matsumoto/Facebook

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