These two guys here from Photoinduction, light the fire in their backyard (a small looking backyard with wood and carpet around) and the uses something unbelievable to blow out that fire. I know, you would think why would a normal person start a fire and then not use a fire extinguisher to blow it out. Exactly my thought! They instead used a Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner over the fire to blow it off!

To my surprise, once the fire was controlled, he repeated the experiment again, and successfully blew off the fire. Then he starts the vacuum cleaner and sets it on fire! Yes, you heard it right! Who in the world would use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the fire! I would highly recommend to not try this out at home and use a fire extinguisher in case of fire! I think anyone will freak out if they find their neighbor is experimenting this, wouldn’t you?

What do you think? Does it sound insane to clean up a fire with a vacuum cleaner or will it replace a fire extinguisher?

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