In the battle of brains vs. beauty, which one takes the Gold? Well, it’s a question which can turn on a debate and still there won’t be an answer to it!

As King Midas to quench his love of Gold, let her daughter be a pillar of Gold. Which clearly states he lost her beautiful daughter by not acting smart enough.

Beauty fades easily, but smartness or intelligence can be lost a little longer. 

Intelligence, hands down, is more essential than beauty. Being Smart/Intelligence can inspire you to be a better person and tutor yourself about the world around you and how to make it a better place.

Intelligence is inner beauty, and it never fades. Intelligence is not all about gaining knowledge. It is recommended considering emotional intelligence, as it enables us to understand our own and other’s emotion.  Beauty is important here. Don’t misinterpret here; because if you look nice, it boosts confidence in yourself.

On the contrary, beauty will never withstand compassion, and because without those two elements, our world would have no purpose.

Civilization is designed for people of average intelligence because they are the majority. Being attractive has its downsides, or so I hear. I assume attractive people have unwanted attention and more stalkers.

When we are smart, grace is reflected on our face. Both-  Smartness and beautiful has its own values.

But the mind is more powerful if compared to beauty!

As already mentioned beauty is immortal and as we get older lots of real-life experience are faced as we learn about life more and more.

Being smart and intellectual can face any situation

As we are all well acquainted that life is all about facing challenges which though might not be a natural one but a tricky one. And during such phase, if one is beautiful but not smart enough to tackle the situation, you will experience defeat in overcoming it.

Interestingly, personality is another factor you can tug to perk up your perceived attractiveness. Schools teach kids the decrees of the society, but they don’t coach how to fix a broken personality. Wherein Adults end up in therapy to figure out how to converse and deal with others.

Success is what everyone strives for, and in this modern era, smartness dominates beauty! Neither beauty nor intelligence alone will assist in achieving an enhanced professional life. As the first impression counts, beauty will surely impress at the initial stage, but it won’t sustain much as one needs to be intellectually active and potent to prove themselves.

In every field, the element of smartness is essential. For instance, even in beauty contests like miss universe, the contestants are evaluated on the base of their behavioral pattern and language skills.

Thus, it is as simple as it perceives – Smartness and beauty both walk hand in hand. And these twins can be achieved by hard work, dedication, and experiences!

Well, it seems today the aim of series- Beauty and the Beast to be understood completely!

Keep Shining, Stay Smart And Stay Beautiful!

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