This 2 and a half year old Indian girl answers so many general knowledge questions that will surprise you! Her mom asks her questions related to Indian history, and general knowledge, academics and so much more and she is able to answer them at just a mere age of two. You can see the bonding between the two and how her mom has taught her so much. The kid even know the names of the founders and CEOs of companies in India like Reliance, Airtel, TATA, Videocon. When mom asks her about Kingfisher, she laughs and recites the tune of the song from its commercial. Isn’t that just so cute?

At the end she waves everyone bye (seems like she is signaling her mom, enough with questions)! There are people commenting on this video question here intelligence, but I think that if she is able to remember so many questions and answers she is surely an above average IQ kid.

What do you think of this little girl? Isn’t she intelligent to be able to answer so many questions?

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