Navratri, Tomorrowland for The People of Gujarat, India


I came here at Gujarat during ‘August’ whole place was decorated with varieties and colorful threads hanging in the small stalls, I remember a boy standing in a stall, I was enjoying colors in the

22 Top Places to Visit in The Beach State Goa


Go….Go...Goa ‘Goa’ when you hear the name, what is the first thing strikes in your mind? the slideshow of fun, beaches, late night parties, sightseeing creates in a mind, am i right?Goa has always stayed

Best 9 Breakfast Corners To Hang Out In Vadodara


I just came from Kolkata to Baroda and wanted to calm my appetite in one morning, I heard a lot about Baroda, the cultural capital of Gujarat. I didn’t know the foods and culture of