I just came from Kolkata to Baroda and wanted to calm my appetite in one morning, I heard a lot about Baroda, the cultural capital of Gujarat. I didn’t know the foods and culture of Baroda also the places were new for me. At last I came to know some places that very famous to calm your light appetite and the dishes are delicious too. This is the 10th times I went these places and I love exploring new options and wish to go again and again. So here’s a list of some of my favorite places to grub at.

1. Pyarelal Ki Kachori


This small 5ft x 5ft shop caters to more than 1000 street food lovers on a daily basis. With prices as cheap as Rs. 25 for a tummy-satisfying Kachori! There are large verities of Kachori also available, like as ‘Jain kachori’,’Thikhi-Mithi kachori’,’sev-mamra’ etc. A decent place where all can come with their family or beloved ones too. The menu is not overly complicated which makes the place even more rustic. This stall is situated at Munci kancha, behind Samrat hotel, Nayamandir, Vadodara.

2. Mahakali Sev Usad

A popular laree serving steaming hot ‘Sev Usad’ with warm buttery buns. Truly a tikha-chatka that cannot be paralleled to any other. Let’s look into the history of sevusad in Baroda. In Maharashtra, there is a dish called “MisalPav“; which is considered to be one of the most delicious delicacies of the world. Inspired by that, one of the restaurant in our city started selling sevusad and people welcomed it, and this leads to our Mahakali’s start up.

 You can go to Mahakali any time of the day, especially from 7:00-9:30pm being the family time. If any barodian says that he doesn’t know what Mahakali sevusal is, he is not a true Barodian. It is located at GF 14/15 PRATHAMESH PLAZZA B/H NEHARU BHAVAN, KIRTI STAMBH, Palace Rd, Vadodara.

3. Vishal Sandwich


Located in Alkapuri, this Sandwich-wala is famous for his light-on-pocket sandwiches and his innovative varieties of the ‘Samosa Sandwich’. Here you can enjoy a variety of sandwiches in affordable price, like as Samosa Sandwich, Cheese Samosa Sandwich,Grill Vegetable Sandwich etc. Here you can go and enjoy it: Opposite to Hotel Express, Alkapuri Club Road, Alkapuri, Vadodara.

4. Tasty Vadapav:


A place thronged by adolescents and adults alike, as it caters to the taste buds of all! Almost every Barodian would have visited this place at least once. You must try the next time the double cheese, double butter vadapa. Here you can taste a variety of Vada Pav like as ‘Butter Vada Pav’, ‘Masala Vada Pav’, Double Cheese Vada Pav etc. Opp. Ghelani Petrol Pump, Nizampura Main Road, Nizampura, Baroda.

5.Lalakaka na Bhajiya:


What brings a smile on a hungry man’s face? What fills the mini breaks of our routine life? What connects people all over the world? What is the ultimate fantasy of a foodie? What soothes a stressed out person? The only answer to all of this is FOOD!!! .. and some more of FOOD!! ! Being a hardcore foodie myself the only thing I can think of to write about is food. A lot can happen over bhajiyas and that is the universal mantra for Barodians of all sorts .Baroda has had its own cuisine and ideas of enjoying life as a foodie. Like every other city we have our unique spots to get together and are the addas to share our daily dose of thoughts, ideas and drama but also are a staple diet to many.
This bhajiya house is located at Gadhiyalipor, these bhajiyas are bound to give any bhajiya lover a taste that he/she shall savor forever.

6.Manmohan Samosa:


You can find the best samosas of Vadodara here, at Kothi chaar rasta. Huge in size and serving the hot, delicious samosas since years, Manmohan samosa should be your next stop when you crave a samosa, since basically, samosa is your real bae! A rainy day seems incomplete without the hot flavor some manmohan ka dalwada and samosa.

7.Alla Rakha Sev-Mamra:


One may or may not be a hue fan of mamra, but one cannot simply not like Alla Rakha Sev-Mamra! You can buy some goodness that the snack is, at Chani Toll Naka,opposite To Devyabhasker Press Office. Spicy mamra with frying chili and onion its really awesome.

8.Canara Coffee House:


The concept of cafe was introduced in the early forties with places like cafe Karnataka, madras café and Canara coffee house. These were the happening hangouts in the then buzzing areas like Mandvi and Dandia bazaar.
A cafe located in the heart of the city which still serves food at the same almost ancient rates, and providing the BEST Puna Misal you can ever lay your hands on! Canara coffee house is still the most crowded café in Baroda being one of the oldest its flavours have never got out of fashion.

9.Vishnu Chai:


One cuppa tea kick-starts our day, makes us survive through the day, gives us a reason to make endless conversations. And despite all that, it gives the rush to keep minds alive and cheers our spirit.
This is one popular tea stall located right opposite the MSU Fine Arts Faculty and usually crowded from morning to evening! Known for not only its tea, but also for the vibrant and full of vigor – Mr. Vishnu. This place was also been rated 2nd on a local radio channel.


These are the 9 best places for selecting variety of breakfast options in Vadodara, Gujarat. Which one of these is your favorite snack corner? If you think I have missed any delicious places to munch, then let me know in comments below.

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