I came here at Gujarat during ‘August’ whole place was decorated with varieties and colorful threads hanging in the small stalls, I remember a boy standing in a stall, I was enjoying colors in the stalls suddenly I happen to make a eye contact with that small guy, he called me Madam ‘10 Rs’ h bas lelo (madam it cost only 10 Rs), found it was too cheap here, in our city as this festival is not celebrated we do not find it at this cost, I bought a rakhi and continued to explore more. I found beautiful girls were talking about ‘NAVRATRI’ also which was yet far to come, still people were looking out for best ‘Chanya choli’(costume worn by women). I found huge rush in the Jewellery shop too.

Being south Indian we never had Garba celebrated, I already had friends here, I was familiar with glory of Gujarat i.e Garba ‘Folk dance’ which means womb and it originates from the sanskrit word for gestation or pregnancy. I decided to celebrate this time, I started learning garba and planned shopping in the first weekend of November. My friends took me to the best places to get garba ornaments and ‘Chanya choli’, which were equally known for quality as well as cheapest. I have just listed down the favourite shopping place of barodians during Navratri.

Places for beautiful ornaments and Chanya Choli :

  1. Nava Baazar

    Garba Accessories

    Gujarat Garba
    A bazaar which was full of rush, I guess half of the population of Baroda was there, somehow we managed to buy ornaments from there. It is around 37 Km away from Railway Station. There were plenty of shops, plenty of options.

  2. Mangal Bazaar

    Navratri Dress

  3. Garba ShoppingIt is the best another option for shopping for Barodians, one of my friends bought “Chanya Choli’ from here, they had beautiful collections. It is 6 Km from Baroda railway station, nearest option for Barodians.
  4. Mandvi

    Garba Wear 1
    Mandvi also has huge number of shops. It is located very close to the center of the city. It is 3.8 km from Baroda railway station.

  5. Alkapuri

    Garba Wear 2
    If you are looking for rich designer wear then this is the right place to buy Chanya choli and ornaments. It is 2 km from Vadodara railway station.

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