What This Woman Is Eating Will Make You Skip Dinner

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You might have traveled the whole world, or are planning to do so. Visiting exotic places and savoring different cuisines are the only motivation. Isn't that right? But eating live scorpions?? I guess that has taken the

Philippines Has A Cool And Refreshing Way To Enjoy Your Meal

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A restaurant located at the Villa Escudero Resort which is in San Pablo City about 3 hours south of Manila, Philippines provides its diners a cool and refreshing way to enjoy their meal when they are all soaked

10 Things Restaurants Hide from You


Do you know what happens `behind the scenes’ in a restaurant? There are a lot of goof-ups, errors, hidden secrets and other short-cuts that are a part and parcel of any restaurant everyday working. As

10 Reasons Why Restaurants Make the World A Much Better Place to Live In


Are you a foodie? Food lover or not, restaurants are a god given boon to mankind. Where will the world be if there are no eateries dotting the planet? Anytime, anywhere…an eating place is always