Are you a foodie? Food lover or not, restaurants are a god given boon to mankind. Where will the world be if there are no eateries dotting the planet? Anytime, anywhere…an eating place is always there to feed the hungry and the needy. So, this deserves an exclusive write-up.

Keep up the good food hospitality rolling!

An ode to all restaurants in the universe…

Where there any restaurants long, long ago? I’m talking about hundreds of years back. According to archaeological findings, there were places that offered grub for money in ancient Rome, and China. Eating out was then an integral part of socializing. Centuries later, these joints still offer the best platform to get together with friends, family, colleagues and all other acquaintances. From star-rated eating places to street food trucks, our planet earth is home to a number of restaurants that offer the best of all cuisine types.

Many business deals have reigned successful with good food complimenting the discussions flying around the table; many homemakers have jumped with glee at the thought of cooking one meal less in the day; many children have celebrated their birthdays with their loved ones in a cool eatery; many dates have culminated with a proposal amidst a candlelight dinner; many friends have met at a lunch table after years of separation. All good things happen in restaurants. So, why not crown a restaurant as the best place to be in the world…or can we do without them?

Here are some of the top reasons as to why restaurants make this world much better and you, definitely happier.

Restaurants are Saviors

Daily stress has taken the toll on a person’s lifetime. With everyday running and bumping around, the people of the world have little time for worry, let alone cook a proper meal at the end of a tiring day. At the back of your mind there is no nagging thought but just a calming contemplation that even if I am not able to make a meal today, it’s okay, I can go to a neighborhood eatery. Wonders of wonders, you are at peace with the world, with a mere thought that food is nearby and available at all times – in its piping hot and delicious avatar. What more one wants?

Restaurants Free Minds

It is not wrong to say in this fast paced world that with an eatery close at hand, you have the freedom to even fly to the moon. Isn’t it true that when you locate a new restaurant, your heart skips a beat as if you are in love again? You now desperately want to savor the new experience, come what may – dying to try the mouth-watering delicacies on offer. With unrestrained liberty you enter this new joint, browse through the list of options, and raise your hand to order. It is a liberating experience to use your fingers to turn the pages of the menu card than to churn a pot full of stew (in your kitchen) on a cold and wintry day.

Restaurants Rule

Without any restaurants the earth will be a drab place to live in. Yes or no? A majority of human beings will agree with the fact that one cannot do without these eat-outs. Is nobody cooking at home, these days? Of course, everyone is churning at least a meal a day, whether it is a humble slam-dank sandwich or a gourmet crème brûlée. Even top chefs cook at home. Don’t they? The answer is yes, yes and yes. But still there comes a day when you feel, “Come on let’s eat out today”. So, it is a well known accepted fact that restaurants have conquered your mind, body, and soul…as a whole.

Restaurants Hone Social Networking Skills

Here the thread is not about chatting on a social network site, but to sit across a restaurant table and share a conversation, one-on-one. Inhale deeply, relax and order your food. It is the right way to please the hardest of hearts! `A menu in front keeps the blues away’, is the new adage where the added tension of hosting a meal is minimized by the presence of an eating place. You can now take your mind off the question `what will my guests prefer to eat? Just choose a restaurant easily from the number of mobile apps, tap on the info and let go. It is the best zone to share and dine. So, have fun!

Restaurants Offer Food for the Soul

It is not way over the top to say that a restaurant, offering good food, ambience and service is a godsend gift to mankind. As with a soul-mate, the novel concept of soul food has caught on like rapid fire. Associated with the African-American way of life, the word is associated with food from the region, brought out by the African citizens of the U.S.A, similar to the advent of `soul music’. But any gastronomical delight that pleases the heart can be categorized as the ultimate food for the soul. Can’t it? The most excellent way to get this kind of inner-healing food fare is from a restaurant (other than from your grandma’s kitchen). Everyone has a `my-kind-of-restaurant’ that clicks at some time or the other. Keep track of the names and enlighten your soul every time to make a visit.

Restaurants as Healthy Alternatives:

“Do not eat out often. It is not good for your stomach.” Everyone must have heard this warning at some point their lives. How can you find out the safest and healthiest eating out options? There are many outlets that offer home-like-food. If you miss out on your mama’s cooking then search for the cuisine type that brings out the closest comforting memories. Download a restaurant finder app and leave the rest to it. Search for the best joints that offer organic food options or are renowned names supplying quality fare to its customers. It is easy to find healthy eating-out options along with innumerable suggestions on the World Wide Web. Search and find in just a few clicks.

Restaurants are Easy on Your Pocket

Find the restaurant that offers the best at nominal prices. There is hoard of popular eateries that offer the best food for your money’s worth of fare. Check out joints that do not cause a dent in your pocket. The many mobile apps in the online market supply the right rating info based on customer reviews, comments and other posts. You can get an insight into an eating outlet’s food, ambience, service and also the cost factor. So, even before you book a table at the fanciest of places you are aware of what your meal costs. It is a myth that all restaurants are expensive. You can eat everyday and spend lesser than what you may pay out for your groceries. Search and select to know about existing deals and offers. You are sure to be surprised as how less it works up to.

Restaurants Caught Snacking

Can I snack at a restaurant? I thought that they offer only a full-course meal, complete with wine and dessert. Nowadays you can get tasty snacks even in fine-dining eateries. It is up to you to decide to stay on for a three-course dinner or just snack and walk out light. There is a whopping increase in sales of snacks offered in all joints. So, if you are in the mood to go out but are not interested in spending your time and money on an elaborate meal, then opt out for the snack menu. It never fails to satiate even the largest of appetites.

Restaurants on the Move

Great news guys and gals! Move aside for the mobile restaurants that are prowling your streets. You can call one to your lane too! From exotic French cuisine to the more filling burritos, these mobile food-trucks offer the best in the industry. You can just walk around the corner, and grab a bite at these wonderful moving outlets. These eat-outs are marked in a number of restaurant finder apps. Eat to your hearts fill as these roving gastronomic wonders offer a variety of worlds’ top cuisines on wheels. For a quick access to your favorite food, try out these wandering foodie’s delights. Sure to tantalize the blandest of taste buds!

Restaurants Galore

The entire globe is crammed with restaurants, both good and bad. So, how can you segregate the superior from the dowdy? Simple. Just sample the food on offer and you know where to go, and where not to ever place your foot in. But does food alone matter? An eating out experience is a whole package. It includes alongside good foodstuff, a warm and welcoming ambience, excellent service, and last but not the least, spacious and unhindered parking space. There are hundreds of Android apps that will take you where you tummy wants to go. Be wise and select right.

Why do you think do we need restaurants? Share how eating out has helped you?

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