Well come to 100 Doors Walkthrough 21-30 Level, if you’re looking for the last two levels, then go through these articles:

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A Guide to Passing the Level Easily

In the Game, 100 doors walkthrough, you will find a lot of exciting levels that need of thinking and skills of the game-player. If you are the one, who have reached the 20 level already, then, 100 doors walkthrough 21-30 level is ready for you to play. If you really want to pass this level easily, then take guideline from this article. All the controls are very simple, so, no chance to get stuck in any level, here we guide you!

Pass 21st Level by Seeing Lobster

In the game, 100 doors walkthrough 21-30 level, you could pass the 21st level, by seeing the lobster and other animals’ signs, like zodiac sign,  you may click them to get in order. You will begin with the running water, a fish and the sheep to a bull, then double faces and finally lobster. Question, are they all arranged that way? Answer, if they are already arranged then, you’re ready for the 22 level.

You Will See Six Pictures in this Part

You will see total six pictures in this Game’s part. The question here, what’re they up to? The answer is, maybe you see a tree in the front of the door. You will have to tap this, for getting to the last door. The pictures that would get in order, you could click them.

In the level 21-30, first, you will click the axe, which is on the tree, second, iron mask, third the blow torch, fourth the metal door, fifth people, sixth axe again, seventh, the door, eighth, tree, ninth door, tenth wooden car and finally back to the door. Here, if you are getting confused, then just follow this guideline. You would see the mountain and an arrow, towards the top, click from a lowest item to highest one. You may click for the fish then ship, person, bird, the plane and finally moon, for 100 doors walkthrough 21-30 level. Presto! You’re going well, I want to see you, completing the 100 doors 31-40 level.

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