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100 Floors is an app that makes use of virtually every distinct feature in your iPhone or iPod. The app makes use of the gyroscope, accelerometer sensor as well as the proximity sensor. The main aim of the game is to reach the highest possible level, and in order to do so, you must try to solve the puzzles that will open the gate and take you to the higher level. Each level has a different puzzle waiting to be solved, which is why it is important for users to make sure that they go over every possibility in order to come up with the best possible solution. For those who are unable to solve the app’s different puzzles, here is a brief walkthrough of the first few floors:

100 Floors App

100 Floors App

–          Level 1:

Just tap the green button, which will open the door of the elevator to take you up.

–          Level 2:

First, move the garbage can to one side and click the green arrow located behind the can. Then, place that green arrow in the empty elevator button leading up, to unlock the elevator and head up.

–          Level 3:

Just shake your phone in order to get the door opened.

–          Level 4:

For this level, you must use both of your fingers in order to make an action opposite to that of pinching in order to get the doors opened simultaneously.

–          Level 5:

You must shake the device in your hand slightly in order to get the ladder to drop, after which you can head up.

–          Level 6:

The plant located on the right should be moved away. Then, just tap the symbol of the sun behind it, and then press on the 3 sun symbols in order to get the door opened.

–          Level 7:

Just tilt your phone slightly towards one side in order to put the rock at the top of the rock bottom to unlock the upper floor.

–          Level 8:

Keep moving the fruits to one side until you find the banana. Then, just feed the banana to the gorilla to accomplish this floor.

–          Level 9:

Tap on the 4 small round buttons in each of the 4 corners until you are able to match them with the big circles in the center. Just match the colors on the inner side and the outer side to unlock the door.

100 Doors Walkthrough 1 -10 Level

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