Check out some beautiful & strange photography under the microscope.Connect with your environment and nature.These pictures will surprise your natural instincts towards mother nature.At the 2017 Nikon photomicrography competition, there were 2000 entries from 88 countries.Here are top 14 winning images from the competition.

1. Skin Cells

This picture represents a human skin cell expressing an excessive amount of Keratin.This image won the number one position in the competition.The subject matter is an immortalized skin cell with fluorescent Keratin.

Microscope cell pics

Picture Credits: Dr. Bram Van Den Brock, Andriy Volkov, Dr.Keesjalik, Dr.Reinhard Wind offer &Dr. Nicole Schwarz.

2. Senecio Vulgaris

This picture won the 2nd place.The image is taken in Israel.Senecio Vulgaris is a flowering plant and the film is the seed head of the flower.

Senecio Vulgaris

Picture Credits-Dr.Havi Safaty.

3. Algae

The image is of Volvox Algae also known as globe algae.The Algae is forming colonies and it is looking so damn beautiful.This one is at the 3rd place.



Picture Credits-Jean-Marc Babalian

Place: France

4. Taenia Solium

Is a tapeworm image under the microscope. This one is at the 4th spot.

Taenia Solium

Picture Credits: Teresa Zgoda

Place: Rochester Institute of technology. U.S.A

5. Mold

The mold picture showing the multicellular filaments called HYPHAE have grown on tomato won the 5th spot.


Picture Credits: Dean Lerman.

Place: Israel

6. Lilly Pollen

You won’t believe this picture is the pollen of Lilly flower and won the 6th title

Lilly Pollen

Picture Credits: Dr. David A. Johnston.

Place: United Kingdom

7. Human Eye Nerves

This picture is a human eye ciliary ganglion.

Human Eye Nerves

Picture: Dr. Ryo Egawa

Place: Japan

8. NewBorn Rat Cochlea

In the picture, Sensory hair cells are green in color & spiral ganglion neurons are red.Won the 8th title

NewBorn Rat Cochlea

Picture Credits: Dr. Michael Perry

Place: Switzerland

9. Tissue

The Institute of life sciences U.K grew cartilage-like tissues in the lab using bone stem cells.In the picture collagen fibers are green in color and fat deposits are red.


Picture Credits: Catarina Moura,Dr. Sumeet Mahajan,Dr.Richard Oreffo & Dr.Rahul Tare.

Place: United Kingdom


Phyllobius Roboretanus comes at the 10th place


Picture Credits: Dr.Csaba Pinter

Place: Hungary

11.Credit Card

This is how a credit card manufacturing hologram looks like under the microscope.

Credit Card

Picture Credits: Steven Simon

Place: Texas, U.S.A


The spider picture also known as Harvestmen is on the 11th winning position


Picture Credits: Charles .B. Krebs

Place: Washington, U.S.A

13. Exaerete Frontalis

Orchid cockoo bee picture at the 12th position.

Exaerete Frontalis

Picture Credits: Levon Biss

Place: Ramsbury, U.K

14.Mestra Butterfly

The view of an ordinary Mestra butterfly egg chosen at the 14th spot.The egg is laid on the leaf of the Noseburn Plant.

Mestra Butterfly

Picture Credits: David Millard

Place: Texas, U.S.A

This is a fantastic fusion of science and art.Hope you enjoyed viewing such a mesmerizing data. Data and picture credits.

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