Immediately Improve Your Photography Skills With These Photoshoot Ideas


Are you looking for some photoshoot ideas? Do you need inspiration? Discover 10 photoshoot ideas - all designed to help you get creative with your photos. Pick an idea, find your subjects, and have fun experimenting!

4 Tips To Hiring A Great Wedding Photographer

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So, the wedding bells are ringing. And you’re closing in on the list of things to be done including dress, venue, décor, caterer, and guest list. But have you sealed the deal with a wedding

14 Strange And Beautiful Things Under Microscope

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Check out some beautiful & strange photography under the microscope.Connect with your environment and nature.These pictures will surprise your natural instincts towards mother nature.At the 2017 Nikon photomicrography competition, there were 2000 entries from 88

50+ Photos That Prove Photography Is A Crazy Thing To Do

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So, there is an event and you want to make it memorable, there is no way you can do this without a photographer. He not only clicks photos but he captures the moment in still

These Pictures Of Stray Dogs Will Rip Your Heart Apart

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A dog cuddling on his stuffed toy has gone viral. This dog who has lost everything hugs a thrown-out stuffed animal for comfort. He has lost his home, his family, and a safe place to

Cheetah Got So Close That It Scared The Heck Out of These Tourists

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Masai Mara National Reserve is a large game reserve in Narok County, Kenya. It is globally famous for its wild life which includes animals like Masai lions, African leopards and Tanzanian cheetahs. One group who was enjoying their safari in

What This Expectant Mother Did In Memory of Her Late Husband is So Beautiful

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Nicole Bennett from Jackson, Mississippi was 7-months pregnant and 2 months away from her due date, when her husband Deonta, passed away unexpectedly. The couple has a 4-year-old son, Landen and were soon expecting a baby-girl, Nichole who

This Photographer Will Leave You In A Hair Raising Anxious Anticipation

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Photographer Aaron Tilley, from London is a still life photographer, whose graphic and conceptual style has attracted a lot of British and International clients. He has worked some of the very well know high-end brands like GQ, Elle,

Photography with Your iPhone

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In a world where DSLRs and EVILs and point and shoots are very common, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to selecting a good camera. However, imagine lugging around a DSLR around