Theater is one of the most compelling forms of story-telling. Unlike cinema, theater is a medium that is interactive, often involving the audience in the show through great lighting, wacky entrances through the audiences’ wing, and engaging monologues. The barrier between an actor and his audience is lost in theater.

However, having said that, theater has been lagging behind film when it comes to being able to capture certain kinds of stories. That’s to special effects and other technological marvels, there are some genres that work well on screen, and may not translate as well on the stage. But, nevertheless, we’re dying to see them, anyway! The following are a few genres we want to see in theaters:

Superhero stories!

Everyone has a favourite superhero. The relatable origin stories, marvellous feats, and intriguing villains make superheroes larger than life in so many ways. This is a genre that hasn’t been explored too much by the theater community for obvious reasons – our heroes need special effects to fly. However, technological innovations like holograms can bring these heroes to life on the stage. Let us keep our fingers crossed for a play director to pick up this idea!

Horror stories!

While horror related to murder has been explored in the theater scene, we still have to see a truly well done ghost story. Again, the challenges of the same were that there was no way to make a ghost appear scary without special effects. However, now there are so many ways to include jump scares and great costumes that we would love to see a truly scary horror story on a theater stage. In fact, having the ghost interact with audience members may just make the experience even scarier.

Action stories!

Due to logistic issues, plays cannot always incorporate great action scenes. Especially when the action scene needs gunshots, as opposed to swordfights, which can be choreographed pretty well. We would love to see an old-school western shootout play unravel on the stage, with characters shooting others left, right and centre. Action stories are a great way to keep the audience hooked and on their toes!

Though these genres are yet to be seen in theaters, some leading theaters in New Jersey, as staunch promoters of the arts, believe in giving every genre a chance and are working in this direction! Check them out today by heading down to watch a great show! These theaters also support stand-up comedians, so if you are in need of a good laugh, the visit might be a good idea!

Can you think of any other Genres you think we are yet to see in Theaters? Then leave your comments below!

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