Top 5 90s Cartoons The Gen-Z Kids Must Watch


Growing up as kids in the 90s, we didn't have enough on our plate. Except, of course, watching everything that was on television. As we'd drop every work and eagerly await the scheduled times for

Must Watch Top 10 Binge-Watching Series During Lockdown


1. Run An American television black comedy thriller series with a cast of- Domhnall Gleeson and Merritt Wever. The series moves around the life of two ex-lovers, who goes on a trip of the US

Why Do We Yawn When We Are Exhausted/Tired?


Are you feeling tired? Even if you aren't. Why we yawn if we see someone else doing? I have a confession to make. Just writing the title made me yawn. It's almost like just seeing

IF your alarm clock could do the talking, What would it say ? You have failed me yet again!?


Wake. Up! Wake. Up! Wake. Up! I chant enthusiastically. "Its. Time. To. Get. Up!" I say quickly. "Wake. Up! Wake. Up! I repeat loudly. We might hate those words,, But this what the alarm clock

3 Genres We Want To See In Theaters!


Theater is one of the most compelling forms of story-telling. Unlike cinema, theater is a medium that is interactive, often involving the audience in the show through great lighting, wacky entrances through the audiences’ wing,

10 People Who Got Famous Within A Short Period On Social Media

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The www world is a very powerful tool we all have. Social Media is the most powerful media platform in the internet world. You are sitting in any corner of the world if you are unique or

Little Girl Dancing In Her Mom’s Heels Is Too Cute To Be Missed

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Very few have the passion of dance. Dance is an art which needs the passion for learning from inside. It is said that “Great dancers are not Great because of their techniques they are great

A Magical Treat for Harry Potter’s Fan: Privet Drive is Up For Sale Now


All, the Harry Potter, stay back and take a deep breath… 4 PRIVET DRIVE IS UP FOR SALE!!! Even though our beloved Harry Potter was not a big fan of Privet Drive, yet we are

10 Most Followed Cricketers On Instagram

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Now a day’s it’s become easy for the fans as well as the celebrities to stay connected. Now a day’s Social media plays important role to stay in contact for the celebrities with the fans.

Extravagant Life of Dubai Prince will leave you speechless

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Jumps from aircrafts, goes deep in the ocean, enjoys scuba diving, pets lions, has many sports laurel under his belt, apart from massively rich he is one good looking man. No, I am not talking