We are not Monday morning persons.We always think on Mondays if we could sleep more get a holiday.Can you imagine life without a Monday morning workplace to go?How will you enjoy a lovely weekend without a Monday?

Mondays are surely very lethargic after all the night outs we have had over the weekend.

These Memes will help you cope up with all the laziness and you can have a Monday morning lol moment.Monday is not a day to be back at work.Monday is a day to be back at your passion.

1. That would be me.

Monday Meme 1

2.  SmondayMonday Meme 2

3. Your Monday morning to-do list.

Monday Meme 3

4. When Monday comes sooner than you expected to be

Monday Meme 4

5. When you just can’t get over the weekend.

Monday Meme 5

6. When sadness suddenly appears as you realize its Monday.

Monday Meme 6

7.    Me Preparing for Monday, be like…Monday Meme 7

8. That’s Me.

Monday Meme 8

9. In The name of Lord.

Monday Meme 9

10. When you want to dress your best on Mondays

Monday Meme 10

11. For all Beer lovers, this is going to be a disappointment.

Monday Meme 11

12. Ahh!! We all know that feeling!

Monday Meme 12

13. This is how my weekend blinks.

Monday Meme 13

14. Fact Of Life!

Monday Meme 14

15. When you are dying to have coffee on a Monday morning

Monday Meme 15

16. When you take the mannequin challenge on Monday morning.

Monday Meme 16

17. Me on every Monday morning

Monday Meme 17

18. Love for your job..oh no

Monday Meme 18

19. TGINMD: Thank god it’s not Monday

Monday Meme 19

20. If Monday was a person.

Monday Meme 20

21. Everyday

Monday Meme 21

22. What’s that

Monday Meme 22

23. Me on Monday

Monday Meme 23

24. Black Friday + Cyber Monday

Monday Meme 24

25. When you realize its Monday tomorrow

Monday Meme 25

26. What the…

Monday Meme 26

27. Friday Person

Monday Meme 27

28. For positive Mondays

Monday Meme 28

29. When you can’t stop sleeping on a Monday.

Monday Meme 29

30. Mondays be like

Monday Meme 30

31. Too early

Monday Meme 31

Hope you had a gala time reading these memes. Thanks to our source!

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