30 Monday Memes To Make Your Monday’s More Spellbinding

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We are not Monday morning persons.We always think on Mondays if we could sleep more get a holiday.Can you imagine life without a Monday morning workplace to go?How will you enjoy a lovely weekend without

Desperate Guy Gets A Mail Delivered By Drawing The Address

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Traveling is fun by all means! You get to see new places, new culture and get to try new food items. But the better part is, you get to see new people and make new friends.

This 3-year old saying he didn’t eat sprinkles, is too cute to be missed.

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Look at this adorable boy, who definitely didn’t eat sprinkles. NO!! There are no sprinkles on his face. He didn’t do it, because he says so (even though he is munching them while saying no).

Dad Mocked Daughter’s “Sexy Photos” And It Has Gone Viral

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Being a parent to a teenage can be exhausting, there are so many factors from late night parties to their weird selfies on social media to deal with. Over the year parents might have adopted

Dad’s “Wardrobe Malfunction” For Baby Has Gone Viral

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When dads are given responsibility of a child, they always end up making headlines, for instance this Dad who babysits his grandbaby. In this case also what dad did with his daughter will leave you

What This Little Kid Did On Live TV Had Everyone Laughing Out Loud

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We all very well know that small kids are capable of stealing all the thunder because of the cute and adorable things they do. This is what exactly happened during a baseball game at the

This Grandpa Gives The Most Hilarious Yet Emotional Reaction To The Surprise

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Giving away the news of expecting a child should be memorable, just like this daughter surprised her parents with pregnancy announcement spoons. That is what Leann and her husband might have thought when they kept

Grandma Even Made Google Smile For Such A Polite Reason

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The Guardian Adorable!! When they click mouse with utmost care, curses when something went wrong, gets frustrated and finally gives up on the new technology. Well! If you have seen any adult operating

Girl Had The Funniest Moment With Her Mom After Her Knee Surgery

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The curse of being in digital world is: everything can be recorded and sent. And the upside of this curse is the hilarious moments we get. So, a Twitter user, Julia Sherman went under knife

Grandma Freaks Out Watching This In Virtual Reality

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Ever wondered how grandparents would react to watching something in virtual reality?   Grandchildren of this woman who lives in Portadown, Northern Ireland convinced her to try watching Jurassic Park VR. Grandma doesnt seem to enjoy what she