As you are aware that IoT is growing at a faster rate than ever. We are soon going to adopt robot age with the help IoT. With IoT vehicles, wearable gadgets, RFID sensors, and software are advancing past primary function on a daily basis. There are more than 2 gadgets connected at your home to the internet. The number of devices you use is increasing every year. We started with a PC and now we have a laptop, tab, Alexa, etc. Future advancements in the tech world will be part of our homes and businesses. These advancements will be part of our virtual world by 2020.

1. Overall Growth

If you look at the IoT market, connectivity and statistics you get a range of numbers in billions. As per research made by IT Pro, there were around 3.6 billion devices that are connected to the Internet used on a daily basis. The total number of connected devices connected to the internet is more significant than that.

This means that the internet is congested with over data and traffic connected to it. As mentioned in the article How will 5G technology change Houston?  2020 will see a new horizon in the IoT world. There will surely be a bigger picture for edge computing.

2. Deeper penetration in the manufacturing and healthcare industries

IoT is the critical driving force for digital transformation in different sectors, especially manufacturing. Sensors, RFID tags, and smart beacons are the start of the next industrial revolution.

The future holds devices that will change the game for the industry. AI will take over from development to supply chain. Manufacturers can prevent delays, enhance production performance, reduce equipment downtime and manage inventory. Apart from the manufacturing industry, the new revolution will bring a massive change in the healthcare sector. Analysts say 87% of healthcare organizations will adopt IoT technology. There are endless possibilities in the healthcare industry. The change IoT will bring in healthcare is smart pills, smart home care, personal healthcare management, electronic health records, managing sensitive data, and a higher degree of patient care.

3. Increased security

IoT devices leave you vulnerable to hacks and security issues. Currently, we hold so many IoT devices in the same room. What will be the situation by 2020?

Manufacturers will provide us with an endpoint security system. Hardware manufacturers like Cisco, HPE, Dell, and others are building a more rugged and secure solution to their existing services. These solutions prevent data loss, give insights into network health and threat protection, including privileged user control, application whitelisting and control.

4. Smart cities

IoT Prediction for Smart City

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Building smart cities is a common objective around the world. We have mastered the art of building intelligent homes and intelligent buildings, but an entirely smart city is still a dream to be achieved. I think by 2019 we will see smart areas in our neighborhood.

Godrej India has started building smart homes and societies in the metro cities. Sidewalk labs and Alphabet endeavor are making an intelligent neighborhood in Toronto. Smart sensors will record everything happening around the community- walking routes, shared car use, building occupancy, sewage flow, and temperature choice. The ultimate goal is to create a place, i.e. comfortable, convenient, safe and clean for people residing there. If this model is perfected, it can eventually lead to the smart city.

5. Market Penetration of connected intelligent cars

IoT has penetrated the automobile industry. It is already time where you will have a hi-tech driving experience. Self-driving, as promised by Tesla, will be on the roads by 2019. There are already tons of vehicles having connected apps in the car that will help you check tire pressure, oil level, fuel consumption, and many more things. Alerts are showing if something went wrong with the engine. Now you cannot imagine life without all these helping hands.

We will not just have diagnostic information. The connected apps will have voice search and current traffic information. IoT has overall changed our driving experience.

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