Houston will be the first to experience 5G network in the country. Verizon will start rolling out residential network before the end of the year and mobile versions will come up next year. LiFi still has some time to change our networking system. So till then experience the 5G technology that will change the way you use your phone.

Verizon will bring a broadband-like version of the 5G wireless technology to Houston. The technology is the next generation of speed. Verizon is still experimenting with 5G. Therefore it is expected that 5G won’t replace 4G till 2020.

How did we reach this stage?

It started with 1G that brought us car phones and paging. 2G brought in texting. 3G shared photos of our lives. 4G brought live videos from phones and faster speed. Now will be the era of 5G.

Can you use the 5G system on your current phone?

As per research by Rice University 5G is the next big step and it could be a game changer. It is the era of Apple and Android with 4G. This scenario might change with the 5G network.

What will significant change 5G bring along?

A techno trade group says 5G will bring 100 times faster speed. 5G is expected to have high-speed connectivity to all the devices including robots, medical devices, industrial and agriculture devices. Movies will be downloaded within fraction seconds. 5G is also expected to open the self-driving road. 5G will make virtual and augmented reality.

Services and choice for customers-

CNN’s parent company AT&T along with Sprint and T-Mobile have set their eyes on 5G technology. Motorola is coming back in the market with its first 5G-capable smartphone.

There are large areas of US who do not have access to broadband. There are about 19 million Americans who still don’t have access to broadband internet. Residents will get many options to benefit from the internet. Cable operators who deliver broadband may get exclusive access to city or area in exchange for providing and meeting certain standards of service.

Chances Of Innovation-

5G Networking

Futuristically Houston is a good area for people looking to start or run a business. 5G will serve as the backbone of an Internet of Things. The IOT is capable of connecting your car coffee machine to the internet.

Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner also expects 5G will be a game changer helping usher a new wave of change, innovation, and progress. Getting 5G off the ground is not an easy task, as 5G travels over super high-frequency airwaves via tiny cell towers. These towers can be installed on the existing telephone poles on the sides of the building. The receivers are very small and need to be close to each other.  Hence, investing 5G in the US is a task, which will cost you up to $300  billion.

Technological advancement is the future of IoT. Tell us your thoughts on the upcoming 5G revolution.

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