Are you thinking of following a diet plan? Have you met a dietician or nutritionist?

There are lots of things that can go wrong when dieting without consultation. If you are planning to make your own diet chart then think again. People the world over including children have met with disastrous results due to an imbalance in their food intake. Whether it is due to excessive and unguided dieting or through unavailability of the required nutrition, there are numerous stories on the planet that advise against following an unnaturally strict food regime.

Women aiming for a Barbie figure are warned not to chase out after that imbedded image, as statistics point out that it is humanly not possible to attain such an anatomical silhouette. Eat right, stay fit and look healthy. Looks do matter, but not at the cost of your health. It is necessary to feel beautiful from the inside, as this makes your exterior glow.

Any obsessive compulsion falls under the disorder category. You must be aware of teenage diet maladies like bulimia and anorexia. You may not go to that extreme, but skipping out valuable nutrients in your food is also not advisable. These unregulated thoughts that advocate myths that carbohydrates, sugar and other fattening elements must be completely and totally avoided, should be curtailed.

It is wise to pursue the adage `Food is medicine’ to live a sound and stress-free life. Eat in moderation and correctly, in order to avoid any unnecessary bodily tantrums arising out of your system. Diet right and live life king-size!


Things that Happen When You Diet Wrongly…

From organ failures to other life-threatening ailments, food is the major cause of unwanted emergencies in one’s life. So, is it right to say…let’s avoid food in its totality? No way. That is not the solution. Here are some truthful pointers on what can happen when you diet the wrong way.

1. When you do away with carbohydrates in your diet…

Do not do this, as this will create an imbalance in your system by not providing the body with essential nutrients. It is a myth that only rice and flour varieties contain the `dreaded’ carbs. There is a whole range of healthy carbohydrates level present in your fruits, veggies and nuts too!

According to research studies, your brain is in need of carbs-produced energy that acts as a fuel to your body. You can be fresh, active and de-stressed with the right amount of carbs. You can even think properly with the help of this starch. Total lack of this fuel form causes hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and ketosis and of course, tiredness. In fact, it can make you put on weight. How? Because without any form of carbs, you will feel more hungrier than ever! Cut out on the weight-gaining starchy carbohydrates and take your pick from the fiber-rich ones.

2. Are you telling me that I should include oil in my food?

Are you crazy? All along I have been told, cut out on the oil intake. And here you are saying that I can add oil to my food? How strange?

It is not at all odd in stating the fact that adding the right oil in your food actually can help you lose weight and not add on the pounds. The key to this is to separate the good from the bad. So, cut out on the butter and ice cream as they belong to the bad league of forbidden food items. Consume good oils from sources like soya, sunflower, rice bran, olive, corn, and nuts. You must have heard of cod-liver oil (from fish). It provides good amounts of vitamins and even calcium. Completely avoiding oil causes low vitamins absorption and even depression. Lubricate your health with good oils.

3. I didn’t know that sugar is present in all foods…

Yes, it is. The flash news of the millennium is that sugar is there in all that you eat. The answer to your million-dollar question `then must I skip it all?’ is definitely a big NO. Sugar in the form of sugar, is not a good diet option. But sugar in natural fruits, vegetables and even lean meat, is a healthy alternative to give your body the right amount of the essential substance. Low sugar causes anxiety, increased hunger and other symptoms of dejection. Do not load yourself with sugar but add on the healthy natural varieties to your diet.

The best way to diet is to keep all your food cravings in check. If you want to have a cup (not a tub!) of ice cream, then go ahead and indulge, but keep in mind to cut out on your other foodstuff for the day. So, now you have what you wanted plus you did not add on to your daily fat ingestion. It is all in the balance!

4. Protein is always linked with lean. Isn’t it so?

You may be surprised to know that protein has its bad forms too. Set aside the illusion that all proteins can cause no harm. As this form of food contains a bit of fat (as carbohydrates) too, it is not an entire health food form by itself when had in plenty. Eating the right protein-type like lean meat (including the white meat variety), moderate soya intake, egg whites, beans and even milk are known to compliment your muscle development. It is definitely one of the best kinds of food fare that you can count your diet on. It makes you what you are, from your bone to your hair. So, extend your life with proteins (the right kind) in your everyday menu.

5. The big bad and ugly, `fat’ word…

Everyone runs away (at least mentally) from the word `fat’. As in oil, are all types of fatty food forms not good for you? I think you must have guessed the answer by now. Yes, it is not so. The fat types that up your cholesterol levels belong to trans and saturated kinds. You can place your dietary bet on the mono and poly unsaturated varieties. It will not help you if you work on lowering your fat level. It is actually important to lower the bad type and keep-up the good ones.

A cooking tip: do not repeatedly reuse the oil that you use for frying. It is difficult to throw away what you consider as an `almost’ unused wok of oil that you have used only once. But do that to avoid bad fat accumulation in your system. Try out the good oil varieties. Even peanut butter makes it to the good list. Skip out processed, cheesy and buttery creations. Live fat-free and so, heart-disease free too!

There are many other foods that are well acknowledged for their health benefits that just do not fit into the scheme. For instance, gulping down skimmed milk does not in any way help you, as it is found to just satisfy your palate and not your body. Research points out that this type of toned dairy product does not have the vitamins present in the normal milk variety. Finally speaking, it belongs to the processed food type. As we know that anything processed is not healthy, so it is not a good option to ingest as a part of your daily diet meal plan.

There are many things that go wrong in your diet but there are also numerous good things that can go right. So, follow a diet plan as per the instructions of a certified dietician or nutritionist, as each body type requires a unique set of food lessons. Follow the right path and it will lead you to a hale and hearty lifespan. Eat all things right and stay fit!

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