Well, you are all about hygiene maintenance. But these eight tips may have been missed by you. We tend to share many of the regular stuff that we use with our close ones. It is not safe to share all your stuff with your loved ones. Some personal things should not be shared to avoid infections.

Eight things you should not be sharing with anyone.

1. Nail Cutter-

Nail cutters may look harmless to you, but they carry harmful bacteria, fungal and microorganisms. So while using someone else’s nail cutter may give you that fungal infection. Be careful when you next enter a saloon for a padi or mani. Make sure your saloon uses all sterilized products.

Nail Cutter

2. Earrings-

Ears are the most sensitive part of the body. Ears having blood vessels are most prone to catching any infection. So if you desperately want to borrow those pretty earrings from your sister, then you can do so. Just clean them with alcohol before using them.




3. Loofah-

You must have noticed that hotel staff keeps changing the bath and toiletries every day. They know you are not going to use the already used ones. Then why would you use a common loofah at home with your loved ones? Well, are you having a bath with the dirt of someone else’s body going back on your body?



4. Lip Balm-

The dried lips and the cut skin on the lips tend to transfer a lot infection. So imagine using someone else’s lip balm with so much infectious skin on it.

Lip Balm

5.  Soap Bars-

This is the most misunderstood product. You think that soap bars cannot cause any infections. But the person who uses it puts his or her infections on the bar. There may be a person having ill health, passing the disease to you through the soap bar. So, avoid using soap bars used by others.

Soap Bars

6. Hair Brush-

The hairbrush carries all the germs on the scalp. Suppose if the person has dandruff and you use his hairbrush then dandruff may get transferred to your scalp. So clean the hairbrush before using it. It is better to carry your comb everywhere.

Hair Brush

7. Towels-

Imagine you are getting a used towel at the hotel. You will feel all dirty and disgusted about it. Now, isn’t it the same when you use the same towel with your family members. So keep different towels for all your family members.


8. Headphones-

Those plugin headphones can be so unhygienic as the ear holes may be full of dirt. If someone is not cleaning those ears, the headphones are going to be full of ear dirt. So if you want to exchange earphones with someone, first clean it with a cotton swab and then use it.


So keep these hygiene tips in mind and stay away from bacteria and infections. Maintaining this personal hygiene will keep you away from the doctor. Live a healthy lifestyle. If we expect a hotel to maintain this minimum hygiene, then you are supposed to do so at a personal level too.

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