Do you eat to live or live to eat? There is a whole world of difference, as a person who eats to live wonders, `What’s this fuss about food, anyway?’ and the one who lives to eat states, `Food is life’. The common inter-linking factor is that `Everyone eats food’, whether you like it or not. The worst of the palette also, at a point of time in life appreciates food in any one of its myriad forms and the foodie though enjoys every morsel. Food is a universal knowledge accepted by those who love it, like it, loathe it, demean it and still live for it. Home is where the heart is so, wherever you are, comfort foods make you feel at home. Here are a few all-time favorite soul foods that have captivated people for generations.


Comfort Food – Universal Favorites

`Take life easy’ is an adage that is increasingly reducing in this fast paced world. What is life if full of care…reads the famous poem, where the very thread of existence is said to lack the feel-good element. Food is definitely an all-time comforter that gives the right amount of warmth to the tired soul and body. Eat right and live true to your feelings – the ultimate stress buster! The world food culture thrives on this comfort level. So, let us cruise through some of the everlasting food favorites of the human psyche.


Sandwich in its different avatars tops the list of simple soul food that is sought after by millions of not only Americans but people across the world. Clubbed with fries or chips, it is the most humble food that carries over global zones – a sumptuous and filling affair. Add burgers and pizzas to the list too!

Chicken Tikka Masala

What better dish to have on a wintry day than the heart-warming British pies. From the peasant-affair Shepherd’s pie to the crispy fish and chips, the people here know how to deal with the mind-numbing climate. Summer enters your mind with these eternal preparations. The fusion chicken tikka masala has also topped the list of the favorite Indian curry food. Soul-finding indulges indeed!

French Onion Soup

Slurp a sip of the delicious French onion soup and you will taste the reason behind its popularity. Foray into France’s roots and culture to understand the raison d’être of this greatly enjoyed international cuisine. Feel safe and secure with a bowl of this supremely delicate creation and savor the moment in your memories. Sample the wholesome pâté and the creamy crème brûlée and get transported back to traditional times. Soothing food at its best!


Make tamale with ingredients of your choice, from meat to fruits, and you can sample the most popular Mexican food of all centuries. Fill the starchy corn dough with your favorite food stuff; wrap it up with leaf and steam. Packs a delightful punch! Shortly following are the globally accepted tortillas and the well-liked and largely consumed salsa A dip of crispy nachos in avocado mush, takes your taste buds straight to heaven. Blissful fare!


Wok tossed noodles, steaming dim sum, and prophetic fortune cookies. Here comes the Chinese food fare marching into our lives at every nook and corner of the world. At its authentic best or in fusion with the country of choice, Chinese cuisine has ruled the heart and soul of world citizens from time immemorial. Experience the gastronomic chow in its splendid royal outing or in the modest street-food form. Oriental food splendor!

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