The strangest attraction in St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a place called The Mystery Spot. Thousands of visitors have stopped at the Mystery Spot to experience the weirdness of this place where “gravity does strange things” (or more accurately, your brain does strange things as it tries to make sense of contradictory input).

Why is this place known as The Mystery Spot? In the early 1950s a few surveyors were exploring Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and one day when they realized that none of their equipments were working properly, in a circle about 300 feet in diameter. And that gave birth to a mystery spot!

The guided tour of Mackinac Island will take you through the physical sensations, optical contradictions, optical illusion and light headed that make this place so unique. You’ll also get a chance to experience some tourist traps on your trip!

The Mystery Spot is located 5 miles west of St. Ignace and the Mackinac Bridge on Highway US-2.


At this spot tall people appear to be shorter than they do outside of the spot.


Gravity rules are proved wrong here!


Even the water runs uphill at this mystery spot.


Visitors often feel astonished because they can’t seem to stand up straight, no matter how hard they try.


Apart from the mystery, this place has a wooden fort maze, 18 hole mini golf and 2 zip-lines for added fun.

Check this video to see what standing straight at the mystery spot means!


Check this video to see how a ball and a water roll uphill.


Over the years this place has received a lot of attention, and the owners of this place have added more fun activities here. It was voted Michigan’s number one unusual attraction by the readers of Michigan Living magazine.

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